Mistura: Peru’s Food Fair of the Gods

Founded by Gaston Acurio, a chef who has spearheaded the popularization of Peruvian cuisine, Mistura brings together small stands run by the chefs of popular restaurants, alongside displays and sales outlets of things like gnarly, snakelike potatoes, pink and orange corn, or organic coffees. Racks of meat grill in the open air, while long lineups form by those wanting a plate of marinated fish, the venerated ceviche, made by chef Javier Wong, whose tiny restaurant in a run-down section of Lima doesn’t even had a sign out front. [Continue reading…]

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Asian roots run deep in Peruvian soil

Anyone with Asian features quickly stands out as a foreigner in most of Latin America. But not in Peru, where a large percentage of the population is of Asian descent.

The first Chinese and Japanese who left their countries for Peru trusted that their hard work would give them the chance to return home. Many decades later, their children and grandchildren are well integrated into Peruvian society. [Continue reading…]

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