Daniel Micci is a student at the University of Denver majoring in Intercultural Communications and Psychology. He is currently spending a year studying abroad and traveling. His curiosity is the source of his energy and fuels his desire to explore and experience the world.

Jan 132012
The Churches of Historical Lima

The colonial architecture of Lima is amazing in itself, but I would highly recommend that travelers plan at least one day exploring the churches. I have spent several afternoons exploring them and have enjoyed their beauty immensely. The Cathedral in Plaza Mayor is typically more visited by tourists because of it’s size and location, but there are so many options less visited that can allow a visitor a more personal experience. [Continue reading…]

Reconciling the Past in Colonial Architecture

I sat down in Plaza Mayor observing the beauty of Lima and its people. I saw many people with their friends or family, as well as other tourists exploring the sites. There was a lot of bustling going on in the streets and plenty of street vendors trying to earn a little money. Yet, when I sat down I felt reminded of my travels in Europe and began ruminating about how the symbolism of this colonial architecture could impact the general Peruvian psyche. [Continue reading…]

Receiving Yellow Fever Vaccinations Upon Arrival in Peru

So if you are like me, your travel plans unfold as they come along. However, there are certain things that really should be taken care of in advance. I recently arrived to Lima and know that my travels will be taking me to Puerto Maldonado, through Bolivia, and then for an extended stay in Iguazú, Argentina. This means potential exposure to Yellow Fever, a vaccine I did not receive in advance. Peru doesn’t require the Yellow Fever vaccine, but not having it puts you at risk. [Continue reading…]

Who I am and First Impressions of Peru

I have just arrived in Lima to start working on this blog with Karikuy. I had a long flight before arrival and have felt jet lag more than usual. However, I am incredibly happy to be here and the colorful atmosphere I observed while driving from the airport only fueled my excitement and energy. Additionally, I have been looking through many wonderful Peru guide books* and have been completely blown away by the amount of travel options! Since I am new to this organization and blog, I believe a more formal introduction is due. [Continue reading…]

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