Do You Have What It takes to Climb the Tawllirahu?

It need not be said at all that Peru has a number of mountains to climb and scale. After all, the Andes straddles the country and thousands of mountaineers have scaled its peaks for decades now. Read more..

Choose a Jungle Expedition Near Tarapoto

Tarapoto is located in the San Martin region of Northern Peru. It is located in the middle of tropical rain forests and is a great place to visit and experience the beauty of green wooded land. Read more..

The Old Man and Cabo Blanco

If you have even the slightest of interest in American literature, you would have already read Ernest Heemingway’s The Old Man and the Sea. The story is about an old man who fights all odds, including loneliness, to catch a large fish off the coast of a desolate beach. The story was inspired by a beach in Peru called Cabo Blanco. Read more..

Mar 192012
A Visit to Colca Canyon

In April of this past year Colca Canyon became the subject of a huge controversy in Peruvian news. A student named Ciro Castillo Rojo went missing for 6 months before being found dead on the side of the canyon. A lot of hubbub surrounded his disappearance and death because his girlfriend was found alive 9 days after their group went missing. People blamed her for Ciro’s death and it was on the news for months. [Continue reading…]

How to Get Around Cusco Using Local Transportation

¿Cuanto cuesta irme a _(fill in the blank)___?” This is what you should always ask before getting into any taxi especially in Peru. Now, it is widely understood that a cab fare around the centro should only cost 3 soles maximum but once you get outside the main neighborhoods, the prices goes up a sol or two. A cab ride, even to the farthest neighborhood should only cost 6 soles maximum. As a resident of Cusco for over a year and half now I feel like I have a good grasp on how to deal with taxi drivers. Here is my advice.. [Continue reading…]

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