Sink Your Teeth into These Delicious Papa Rellena

Potato has its roots in Peru since it was first cultivated by Inca Indians around 8000 B.C. to 5000 B.C. Since they originated in Peru, it plays a significant role in Peruvian staple diet. Read more..

When in Peru, Gorge On Anticuchos

Anticuchos is a delicious grilled dish close to the heart of every Peruvian. It is a common street food in Peru. While you roam in the streets of Lima, you often notice food stalls called anticucheras that specifically serve anticuchos. Read more..

Peru's Vegetarian Options

What can be more satisfying than getting immersed in a new culture than by its food? Peru’s essence can be captured through its cuisine, rated as one of the best worldwide; not just by its tourists but also by many experts. Everyone who visits this famous gastronomic country talks about its seafood or specialties that usually center meat and poultry. However, what about its vegetarian food? Read more..

Papa a la Huancaina: A Spicy Potato Dish for Picnics

Peruvian cuisine is known all over the world. In fact, it is already replacing the Chinese cuisine as the most popular cuisine in many countries. Read more..

Chifa: Chinese Cuisine a la Peru

Peru has always been a country that has invited immigrants. The racial composition of Peru reflects this. Africans, Europeans, Chinese, Japanese and the native people have all added to Peru’s demographics. Read more..

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