Grab Your Forks and Knives to Dig In Some Andean Cuy

If you happen to travel to Andean Peru, you just can’t skip being offered Cuy. Cuy is a traditional dish of the region which is also known as Conejillo de indias i.e. guinea pig in English. Cuy is typically a rodent that began to be called as guinea pig after Spanish came into the region. Tasting a cuy can be daunting in the beginning especially for a weak hearted person owing to its looks. It is the taste that drives you to eat more. Read more..

This Peruvian Spicy Hot Chicken Stew Will Make You Drool Ominously

Food connoisseurs often have great affinity for Peruvian food. It is because most of the Peruvian dishes are steeped in history and use a blend of scrumptious, exotic and local ingredients. Though the dishes evolve with time, however, the basic ingredients stay more or less the same. Read more..

A Little Bit of China on Peruvian Plates

Though China and Peru are separated by a distance of more than 10,000 miles; Chinese influence in Peruvian culture and food is easily reflected in this Latin American country. The history is traced to mid-1800s when more than 100,000 Chinese laborers came to Peru to work as bonded laborers. Today, ethnic Chinese population forms 3% of the total population of Peru. Read more..

Adventures in Beer (Part 2): Artisanal Cervezas

If you´ve read my previous beer adventures in Peru, you’ll know that there are a few home-grown specialties that come in varying degrees of tastiness. However beyond the Peruvian institution that is Cuzqueña, you can find some more specialized beers in the city to shake up your taste buds somewhat. Read more..

Adventures in Beer (Part 1): Peruvian Cervezas

When in Peru, drink as the Peruvians? Absolutely. But no, I’m not talking about Pisco this time, but Peru’s very own, home-grown, range of cervezas. That’s beer, to you and me. Read more..

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