Bite Into These Succulent Beef Heart Anticuchos

If you have ever traveled to the Middle East or to India, you will know about kebabs. Kebabs are minced meat that is mixed with spices and burned on slow fire over sticks. Similarly, in Peru, it is common to find Anticuchos. Anticuchos are similar to sheek kebabs and are made from beef, especially beef heart. Read more..

Taste the Strange Sweetness of Lucuma

Lucuma, also known as Pouteria lucuma is a subtropical fruit grown in the Andes region of Peru and Chile. In Peru, lucuma is harvested between October and March and is very popular with people there. In fact, a lot of ancient Peruvian art depicts the lucuma fruit in all its subtropical glory. Lucuma’s texture is similar to that of hardboiled egg yolk and has a unique flavor. Read more..

Peruvian Cuisine Will Drive More Tourists toward Lima

It is a well known fact that Peruvian cuisine is one of the most vibrant in the whole world. Peruvian cuisine has begun to compete with Chinese, Japanese and even Italian cuisines it terms of popularity and visibility. Most major metropolises of the world today host Peruvian restaurants, and they are growing every week. Read more..

Grab Your Forks and Knives to Dig In Some Andean Cuy

If you happen to travel to Andean Peru, you just can’t skip being offered Cuy. Cuy is a traditional dish of the region which is also known as Conejillo de indias i.e. guinea pig in English. Cuy is typically a rodent that began to be called as guinea pig after Spanish came into the region. Tasting a cuy can be daunting in the beginning especially for a weak hearted person owing to its looks. It is the taste that drives you to eat more. Read more..

This Peruvian Spicy Hot Chicken Stew Will Make You Drool Ominously

Food connoisseurs often have great affinity for Peruvian food. It is because most of the Peruvian dishes are steeped in history and use a blend of scrumptious, exotic and local ingredients. Though the dishes evolve with time, however, the basic ingredients stay more or less the same. Read more..

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