Poverty Rate Falls in Peru

One of the things that you often hear about South American countries is poverty. Except for the so-called ABC countries of Argentina, Brazil, and Chile, other countries probably do not have an economy to boast of, like North American and Western European countries.

Even among the ABC countries, Brazil and Argentina aren’t doing all that well. Peru, on the other hand, seems to be a shining example of change. Read more..

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Peru Rescues Galapagos Tortoises

A couple of weeks ago, Peru’s National Forest and Wildlife Service seized 29 endangered Galapagos tortoises from a bus, before being shipped to Europe. Peru falls in the international route to Europe for wild animal trade. The tortoises came from Ecuador and most smugglers use Peru as a transit before the animals reach Europe. Some of the tortoises were taken in by a zoo for treatment, while the rest were sent back to Ecuador. Read more..

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Peru’s Floods Raise Many Questions

As you may have already read in the news, hundreds of people have lost their lives in the recent flooding and heavy rains caused by the El Nino phenomenon in Peru. This tragic development raises far too many questions even as the number of deaths continues to increase. Almost 178,000 people are homeless and a million people’s homes are at least partially damaged. Read more..

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