Peru Remembers American President Kennedy Life and Death

U.S. president John F. Kennedy was assassinated exactly 50 years ago and the whole world is now remembering him. His assassination sparked a nationwide outburst of grief and it was not just the Americans who grieved his death, but also countries far and wide, including Peru. Read more..

Anderson Cooper Draws Flak for Ridiculing Peruvian Beauty Queen

CNN’s Anderson Cooper is one of the most outspoken activists and journalists in the world. He recently criticized Alec Baldwin’s anti-gay tirade but has landed in a sort of controversy himself. Read more

Peru's Culture Seen through An Exhibition

Peru has ingrained in itself a rich treasure of history that holds key to the answers regarding many unsolved mysteries of civilizations across the globe. It has revealed a lot of treasures from archaeological sites recently excavated. Read more..

Rutas Program to Help Agrarian Communities Develop Tourism Skills

Rural community programs can be an advantage to countries that are looking at improving their tourism. Peru, which is already a huge tourist destination in the U.K. and North America, has begun to attract the very same travelers to rural communities that are not very well known. Read more..

May 212012
Experience of a Lifetime

Reckitt Benckiser has sent the first winner of it’s ‘Experience of a Lifetime’ Facebook competition on the Inca Trail here in Peru. There are four more lucky winners that will be jetting off to exciting locations all over the globe later this year. While the winners enjoy their ‘Experience of a Lifetime’ they will be raising money for Save the Children with help from Reckitt Benckiser. [Continue reading…]

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