Machu Picchu Closing in April 2016? No of course not...

The internet rumor mill is at it again. Almost on cue every year since the world wide web arrived in our homes , the classic rumor that Machu Picchu is closing has again resurfaced. The truth of the matter is that NO ladies and gentlemen it is not closing. The site will remain open year round in 2016 as with every year before it. However take note that two optional admissions to the site will not be available in April. Read more..

Discover the Beautiful Beaches in Piura Region

Piura is the oldest city of Peru located in north western coastal province of Piura. It was founded in 1532 by Spanish conqueror Francisco Pizarro. The city served as the main port in Peru during that period where Spaniards used to collect Inca gold and ship it back to Spain. Read more..

Understanding climate change from Peru’s past

You probably heard about climate change at some point either in the news or in casual conversation and I guess politicians just love to talk about it. And if you take travel as a way of life and has been trying to understand of this seemingly subliminal topic in its granular form, then Lima might be a great place to pursue that passion. Like many travelers, what brought me to Lima was due to fascination after seeing those scenic Macchu Picchu pictures. Well that was before until I had this opportunity to visit Yale University’s Peabody Museum of Natural History, which pioneered the early archaeological study of the ruins in Macchu Picchu. It may be controversial but at least the University has extended efforts to return at least 4,000 artifacts [Continue reading…]

Jun 032015
Sense of geometry

Either by interest or imposed forcedly, we  were all once schooled in geometry driven with enormous interest in connecting dots  into lines that they may construct as sensible shape on a two dimensional space. Or if you have taken it seriously and studied engineering, you might have constructed it on a futuristic four dimensional space. But in Lineas de Nazca it’s different. How I wish the place was my classroom when I was studying geometry and I can imagine Dr. Maria Reiche would be my dedicated professor. There is so much to learn with all the 800 lines, approximately 300 geometric figures, and with at least 70 prominent designs of plants and animals like monkeys, tree, hummingbird, condor, astronaut or what they called as biomorphs. A seven hour trip to [Continue reading…]

Presbiterio Maestro – Majestic Sanctuary!

PRESBITERO MAESTRO – CEMETERY Presbiterio Maestro Cemetery has the largest collection of marble sculptures from European XIX century in Latin America. Absolutely worth seeing this impressive and beautiful historical Sanctuary! This masterpiece of human creativity, cultural significance was inaugurated in 1808 and declared as world heritage. Named after Matías Maestro since he proposed the neoclassical architecture design of it. It was constructed in the in the city’s boundaries, nowadays its location is called Jirón Ancash Street – Barrios Altos. Matías Maestro was born in Spain and died in Lima. He studied art in the Academy of Cadiz, obtained a degree in Law and had architecture knowledge. This majestic cemetery contains gardens, boulevards with incredible statues. It shows all of the archaeological and historical process of Peru. From the entrance we can [Continue reading…]

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