Take the Jungle Inca Trail to Discover Machu Picchu Like Never Before

The Incan empire may have ended a long time during colonial conquests but the culture and civilization is still alive in much of Peru. You cannot miss Incan influence no matter where you go in the country, and it is easy to feel lost in a large country, that has a stupendous amount of tourist attractions. Read more..

Remembering our Past: The Q'eswachaka Bridge Building Festival.

I was lucky enough to attend the first day of the annual Q’eswachaka Bridge building festival. The Q’eswachaka Bridge is located over 100 kms from Cusco and crosses the Apurimac Canyon. It is the last remaining hand woven Inca bridge in Peru, made entirely of long blades of grass and traditional materials. Read more..

The Dazzling Heights of Cerro San Cristobal

As far as I knew, there were no roller coasters here in Lima; no perks for adrenaline-junkies apart from perhaps paragliding off the cliffs in Miraflores. Well, I exaggerate slightly due to being such a scaredy-cat, but if you’re looking for a hair-raising thrill might I suggest taking the open top bus up to the peak of Cerro San Cristobal. Read more..

Chocolate Booze: Let the Search Begin!

For many people, when they’re having a bit of a stressful day, what do they reach for as a comfort? For some, it’s sweet treats like chocolate. For others, it might be a glass of wine or pisco (if you’re in Peru). But did you know that both these popular things, chocolate and alcohol, actually come from the same Cacao fruit? Read more..

Galeria Delbarrio, a Hidden Gem of an Art Gallery

It is certainly true that Lima offers an impressive display of artwork both contemporary and historical, and there are numerous museums and galleries to visit for an overview of these works. Yet for those travelers who want to explore the Peruvian art world in more depth, you need to come away from these larger collections and visit some smaller galleries. Read more..

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