Peru's Vegetarian Options

What can be more satisfying than getting immersed in a new culture than by its food? Peru’s essence can be captured through its cuisine, rated as one of the best worldwide; not just by its tourists but also by many experts. Everyone who visits this famous gastronomic country talks about its seafood or specialties that usually center meat and poultry. However, what about its vegetarian food? The purpose of this article is not to talk about recipes; it’s to encourage vegetarian travelers. Sampling new often-unusual foods and to discover new ways of preparing or combining familiar ingredients. Peru has a lot of variety, freshness and innovation. I’ll mention some not-to-be missed dishes with countrywide popularity labeled as “national favorites” just to make you wish you were here. A very traditional [Continue reading…]

Trujillo: A Peruvian City that Will Enthral You

If you were looking at a Peruvian city to visit, you must indeed visit Trujillo. It is located in the coastal region of northwestern Peru and is the capital of the La Libertad Region. Read more..

Machu Picchu Wins the

We all have witnessed Machu Picchu’s fan following increase by leaps and bounds ever since its discovery in 1911. Read more..

Transport Yourself Into a Jose Maria Arguedas Novel at Abancay

Abancay is a city that is located high up in the Andes. Not many people have heard of this city but it is one of the most interesting cities that I have read about. Read more..

Discover the Writer in You at Tumbes

One of the little known towns of Peru is Tumbes. Tumbes is located on the banks of the Tumbes River. Read more..

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