Ancient Pyramid Bulldozed Near Lima

If you are concerned with archaeological treasures around the world, this piece of news will not cheer you up today. Authorities in Peru disclosed that an ancient pyramid has just been destroyed near Lima, the capital. Read more..

Ollanta Faces Challenges of a Slowing Peruvian Economy

These days, Peruvian President Ollanta Humala is in a tight spot. The economy in Peru is not all that bad and Peruvians are consuming more than ever. Also, domestic demand for products and services is increasing, signaling at economic growth in Peru. Read more..

Peruvian Athlete Orlando Trejo to Represent Latin America in Miami

CrossFit, which is already famous for its endurance championships, will see Peruvian champ Orlando Trejo representing Latin America in Miami. Read more..

Peru's Postal Department Begins to Stop Smuggling of Artefacts

Peru, like other countries that are rich in culture and heritage is no stranger to smuggling of priceless artefacts. Priceless sculptures, art, souvenirs and even mummies are smuggled out to be sold to collectors at exorbitant prices. Read more..

Visit Punta Sal and Discover a Tranquil Beach

When tourists think of beaches and sun, they usually imagine Brazil and its glamorous beaches. However, what many people do not know yet is that Peru has multitudes of beaches all across its coast. Read more..

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