Yawar Fiesta: The Blood Festival of Peru

The crowd bustles with cheer and the band plays loud music as the bloody battle begins. Yawar fiesta or the Blood Festival is a status symbol for many Andean communities. Read more..

Peru's Indigenous People and Empowering their Voices

With indigenous people representing 370 million of the world’s population in nearly 90 countries, they surely deserve a solid acknowledgement of their existence across the world. Read more..

Soak in the Beauty of Plaza de Armas

Your trip to Peru is incomplete without visiting the foundations of modern architecture of most of the Peruvian cities built by Spanish Conquistadors. The central area of the town was often marked by the construction of Plaza de Armas (Plaza of Arms). Read more..

The Mysterious and Long Lasting Nazca Lines of Peru

Across the world, you find conspicuous geoglyphs engraved on the surface of the earth, but one cannot resist oneself going to Peru to see the most talked about Nazca lines. Read more..

The Moche Art and Culture of the Ancient Peru

If you’re keen to know about ancient work of art and the rich culture of Peruvians, go beyond the peaks of Machu Pichu to get acquainted with the ingenious Moche civilization centered in the Northern Peru. It is a classic example of perfectionism in the pre-Hispanic architecture. Read more..

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