Peru Fights Illegal Dolphin Fishing

Peru is known for its exotic native cuisine that is which sometimes includes, disturbingly dolphin meat. The dolphins were indiscriminately fished to be sold in restaurants, until a law was passed in effect to prohibit their fishing in 1997. Read more..

Oct 182013
Peru Jolted by Strong Tremors

Peruvians were in for quite a jolt that woke them up from their deep sleep at around 2:32 a.m. local time in the morning of October 18, according to the US Geological Survey. This 4.2 magnitude seismic jolt shook the south-central coast of Peru. Read more..

Barranco: The Romantic Soul of Lima

Every major city of the world has its bohemian quarter. Paris has its Latin Quarter and Lima has its Barranco District. Barranco is where the city’s intellectuals, artists, writers, poets and designers live. Read more..

How Peru Is Controlling Its Tryst with Cocaine

VRAE or Apurimac and Ene Valley better fitting the abbreviation with Spanish language, is known for its often unpleasant history in Peru. This is the largest coca leaves producing valley in the country and United Nations released statistics that this area alone was responsible for cultivating 19,965 hectares of coca bushes last year. Read more..

Peru's Culture Seen through An Exhibition

Peru has ingrained in itself a rich treasure of history that holds key to the answers regarding many unsolved mysteries of civilizations across the globe. It has revealed a lot of treasures from archaeological sites recently excavated. Read more..

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