Cameco Sells Its Share in Peruvian Uranium Mines

Peru, which has a wealth of natural resources, is also rich in uranium. Though uranium is often maligned and given a bad name, it is one of the cleanest sources of energy. Read more..

Pastoruri Glacier in Central Peru May Melt within 10 Years

Peruvian Andes hold some of the most beautiful glaciers in the world and many of them are tourist sites. The Pastoruri glacier in central Peru has been one of the most visited and beautiful tourist spots that dozens of buses drove tourists in its heyday. Read more

Novelist Daniel Alarcon Featured on The New Yorker Magazine

Daniel Alarcon is one of the upcoming novelists of Peru and was featured on The New Yorker’s “20 under 40”. His new novel “At Night We Walk in Circles” is a tragicomic novel that explores the problems that Peruvians and people at large experience. Read more

Peru May Ease Immigration Rules for Foreigners

Peru has decided to ease restrictions related to immigration. Many foreigners have begun to flock to Peru thanks to its resources, job opportunities and beautiful locations. In fact, many tourists who visit on vacations fall in love with the country and find ways to stay back, by hook or by crook. Read more

Anderson Cooper Draws Flak for Ridiculing Peruvian Beauty Queen

CNN’s Anderson Cooper is one of the most outspoken activists and journalists in the world. He recently criticized Alec Baldwin’s anti-gay tirade but has landed in a sort of controversy himself. Read more

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