Discovery of a Feathered Shield in an Ancient Peruvian Temple Leaves Archaeologists Abuzz

A feathered shield more than 1300 years old was discovered by archaeologists in an obscure part of a Peruvian temple. This find wouldn’t have been possible had the archaeologists not dared to explore the inner side of what turned into an altar over the centuries. Read more..

Rafael Nadal To Play In Peru In November

Tennis fans in Peru are unable to contain their excitement ever since they got to know that Rafael Nadal is visiting their country in November this year. The Spanish tennis player, winner of 12 Grand Slam is visiting Lima to play an exhibition match at the Jockey Club of Lima in Monterrico on 17th November. Read more..

Regional People Join Hands to Save Their Native Language

Peru is known for its variety of dialects but unfortunately most of the languages have lost their significance over time. Though the Peruvian government has hardly made any effort to revive the beautiful language of the Loreto region, a cheerful video song “Kumbarikira” made by the contribution of natives. Read more..

Peru Makes a Perfect Destination for Bullfighters from Spain

It’s a well known fact that bullfighting or tauromachia has always been a pride of Spain but the current financial crisis has taken a toll on the game. In addition, the issue has been compounded by the rising ethical opposition to the bloody sports. Read more..

Trade Boost between Peru and Costa Rica

Business executives from Peru and Costa Rica are geared up to reap full benefits of the Free Trade Agreement (FTA) signed between the two countries. Read more..

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