Rutas Program to Help Agrarian Communities Develop Tourism Skills

Rural community programs can be an advantage to countries that are looking at improving their tourism. Peru, which is already a huge tourist destination in the U.K. and North America, has begun to attract the very same travelers to rural communities that are not very well known. Read more..

Why Not Learn Spanish in Peru?

Spanish, which is one of the most important foreign languages one can learn today, is also the most commonly spoken language after English. It is spoken in almost all of Latin American, a few African nations and in the Philippines. Read more..

Quinoa Could be the Flagship Product of Peru

Quinoa has recently been in news for becoming the staple food of the rich and the health conscious. People who have been looking for an organic, complex carbohydrate, diabetic-friendly grain have found the benefits of quinoa simply irresistible. Read more..

Brazilians Flock to Peru for Its Exotic Destinations

Peru has an unlikely source of tourists right in its neighborhood. Though Brazil is a major tourist destination in its own right, with new found wealth and growing middle class, Brazilian tourists have been more than welcome in Peru. Read more..

Peru Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Report 2013

Peru is pushing itself as a major tourism destination in a big way. The government has literally spent millions in order to lure travelers of all kind: luxury travelers, backpackers, business travelers, culture enthusiasts, sun worshippers and adventurists. Read more..

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