U.S. Ends Kidnapping Alert for Peru's Machu Picchu

The State Department lifted a kidnapping alert for U.S. citizens traveling to Peru’s awesome Machu Picchu ruins and the surrounding Cusco region after a review of the threat, the U.S. embassy said on Wednesday. [Continue reading...]

Aug 232012
Empire of Hidden Treasures

PromPeru recently premiered their new videos promoting Peru to the international community, “Peru, Empire of Hidden Treasures” features shots of Puno, Cusco, the Amazon, Lambayeque, Trujillo, Piura, Tumbes, Arequipa, Loreto, Ica, and Lima. PromPeru continues their goal of reaching 9 percent growth in tourism by 2014. [Continue reading...]

Where Is PhD Education in Peru Headed?

Much like the US, Peru’s higher education system is in a state of evolution as national leaders and educators strive to find solutions to the country’s education funding and enrollment issues. However, while the US pushes PhD programs online and mobile apps to revolutionize learning, Peru is making gains that will ensure students in the future can have freedom, choice and funding. [Continue reading...]

Jun 152012
Markets of Cusco

Something I find absolutely wonderful about Peru is the availability of fresh food from meat to cheese to fruits and veggies. You can also find art, flowers, fruit juice stands, lunch, and hardware shop stuff in markets at a very good price. I find that most people here do not shop in one fell swoop like they do in the States. [Continue reading...]

May 242012
Cusco in Constant Construction

Since coming to Cusco in August of 2010 I have witnessed an array of maintenance and renovation projects around town. I am happy to see that there is the demand for renovation and building projects and it’s good to see a city interested in the up keep of the town. However, one thing that always comes to mind is how slow the projects are. [Continue reading...]

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