May 132016
Meeting Peruvian Gandhi!

Today I met Gandhi. Well, of course not the real Gandhi, but the ‘Peruvian Gandhi’ as he is locally known, and is apparently his actual name (although I’m skeptical). Deep in the labyrinth that is Chinatown, up some stairs, round some corners, and past some beady curtains, you can find Lima’s look-a-like fortune teller, whose career path was decidedly different to the real Gandhi’s. Read more..

Plaza Matriz: Sleepy Port Town is Finally Coming to Life!

If you follow the coast line away from the rush of downtown Lima, you will arrive at the centre of a small port town, Plaza Matriz. This location is not often visited by tourists and remains off-the-beaten-track, affording the more adventurous traveler the opportunity to have a real experience that few others have had before. Read more..

University Entrance (taken from PUCP)

During my stay in Lima I have been lucky enough to receive an invite to attend some Art History classes from the Peruvian Catholic University (PUCP- Universidad Catolica del Peru). The university is considered a leader in arts and humanities here in Peru, and the arts department produces world class masters and doctoral graduates. As I am variously in contact with the University anyway due to my anthropological investigations, I was chuffed when they kindly offered for me to attend some seminars of my choice as an alumna libre. Read more..

May 092016
Pisco for One?

When travelling in Peru one thing that you will always notice is the friendliness and warm hospitality of the people. That, and that they know how to have a good fiesta! Peruvians love to dance and have fun, and that includes the odd drink or five. Yet even drinking becomes an activity between friends here, so rather than ordering your own beer as in Europe or America, people will share the same bottle and sometimes the same cup, making drinking a really social activity. Read more..

Dying to Visit the Catacombs

I am one of those people that seems to have a talent for getting sick whenever I arrive in a foreign country. The sudden relaxation that comes with a vacation is apparently reason enough for my body to unleash the pent-up viruses that I’d been harboring over exam season. So considering that I already felt like death, a visit to the bone-yard housed in the San Francisco Catacombs seemed like an appropriate outing. Read more..

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