Grab Your Forks and Knives to Dig In Some Andean Cuy

If you happen to travel to Andean Peru, you just can’t skip being offered Cuy. Cuy is a traditional dish of the region which is also known as Conejillo de indias i.e. guinea pig in English. Cuy is typically a rodent that began to be called as guinea pig after Spanish came into the region. Tasting a cuy can be daunting in the beginning especially for a weak hearted person owing to its looks. It is the taste that drives you to eat more. Read more..

The Karikuy Volunteer House is Open!

After 3 years of renovating, Karikuy is proud to announce that the Karikuy Volunteer House is now complete and ready to take in new volunteers for 2016 and beyond. Although we have been housing new volunteer for the past year we can proudly show off the new crib and what volunteers can expect to call home during their time in Lima.

A Few Things to Know Before Moving to Peru

Prepare by reading.  The Guardian published a short list on the best books on Peru (mostly fiction, which can be found here).  It goes without saying, but fiction is a great way to develop an appreciation for cultural differences — and can help develop conversation points with locals.  If fiction does not pique your interest, consider some of the following alternatives: The Peru Reader: History, Culture, Politics by Orin Starn. The text offers a look at the history and complexity of the country. The Incas and Their Ancestors: The Archaeology of Peru by Ruth M. Wright. Recommended for anyone who wants to know a bit more about Machu Picchu. The Motorcycle Diaries by Che Guevara. Che’s lively/entertaining travel diary.  Don’t drink the water.  Local tap water is not safe for [Continue reading…]

This Peruvian Spicy Hot Chicken Stew Will Make You Drool Ominously

Food connoisseurs often have great affinity for Peruvian food. It is because most of the Peruvian dishes are steeped in history and use a blend of scrumptious, exotic and local ingredients. Though the dishes evolve with time, however, the basic ingredients stay more or less the same. Read more..

Admire the Valley of Pyramids in Chiclayo

Fresh oceanic breeze accompanied by warm and sunny climate of Chiclayo is an exciting reason to visit this city. Mountains and beautiful beaches add splendor to its existence. It is a popular destination among surfers for its spectacular waves. Its delicious seafood is to die for. Read more..

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