The Cuzco Circuit: Introductions and the City Tour

Perhaps the most visited area in Peru, Cuzco and its surrounding area is home to a wide array of archaeological sites and interesting cultural experiences. It’s proximity to Machu Picchu makes it the ideal place to stop over on one’s way to visit the aforementioned famed archaeological site, and it’s own local attractions give tourists a reason to linger in the ancient city for several days. Well, I’m here to verify that there is far more to see in and around Cuzco than you could ever possibly find in a Google search. You are guaranteed to say “this is unbelievable” so many times, that you have start looking for another phrase to use. [Continue reading…]

Jul 192011
Lights, Colors and Lima

At this time of the year, Lima is a city of cold humid air almost always blanketed by grey clouds. If you go out in the afternoon, the wind follows you, at first tickling and teasing your skin making its way to the shivery possession it craves which is taken over by that cold misty night, so stagnant that it makes you numb. This wintery play always gets me very hopeful, about everything. [Continue reading…]

Peru and YOU: How Tourism Benefits Local Economy

One of the things that continues to impress me about Peru, even more so than the beautiful cities and sites it has to offer, is the fact that tourism has such a large impact on the community. Unlike some of my previous experiences abroad, I feel like the money I spend traveling here actually goes to people who need it, rather than to large money-hungry tourist agencies.

There have been several moments over the course of my stay that have really demonstrated the importance of tourism in Peru, and I’d like to share those here. [Continue reading…]

Jul 122011
Spirited Away, Huaraz!

After just a couple of days of plopping around in front of a huge TV with Wii, paused by a little research on the net, going through the local market with Kate who introduced me to my first awesome Manjar Blanco filled Churro, and meeting the Hamburger man with Julio, Kate and I planned a spur of the moment travel to Hauraz, a beautiful place about four hundred kilometers north of Lima situated between the magnificent Cordillera Blanca and the Cordillera Negra. [Continue reading…]

Jul 092011
Cajamarca: A Love Affair. Part 2.

When I last left off, I had just detailed how Jacqui and I spent the day hiking through the amazing site of Cumbe Mayo, and visiting the equally impressive Ventanillas de Cajamarca. For day two of our stay in the beautiful mountain city, we decided to forego some of the other full-day tour options to check out some of the more local (and walkable) attractions Cajamarca had to offer. Our day started early – 6 am. When I woke up the sun had not yet made it over the tall peaks surrounding the city, and as I got my things together I was able to watch the sky turn from a deep navy blue to a beautiful early-morning light pink. It was amazing. [Continue reading…]

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