400 Year Old Spanish Warships Discovered Off the Coast of Peru

Peru is one of the most archaeologically rich countries in the world today. Being a former Spanish colony, Peru was also the site of many battles that were fought on the land and on the sea. Read more..

Scientists On a Mission to Save Peruvian Brazil Nuts

The Brazil nuts are known for being some of the healthiest nuts available for human consumption. Innumerable candies, ice creams and delicious desserts have been created with Brazil nuts as the principle ingredient. Read more..

Peruvian Trade Office Seeks More Gulf Tourists

Peru and the Middle East may not have a lot in common. However, countries in the Middle East have gradually begun to warm up to the varied geographies and cultures of this Andean country. Read more..

Peru Mucho Gusto Food Festival in Tacna to Attract 35,000 Visitors

Peruvian cuisine is legendary and to that effect, there are many people who visit the country just to taste its varied delicacies. Peruvian cuisine has been made famous by its alcoholic drinks, the famous guinea pig, potato and barley recipes and a host of desserts that can only be experienced. Read more..

Middle Eastern Airlines Flock to Peru

While Peru has recently become one of the hottest tourist destinations, it still isn’t very popular in affluent Middle East, a major source of tourists. Read more..

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