Sushi and cocktails: welcome to Lima!

The evening after Stu and I first rocked up at the Karikuy headquarters last week, fresh (ha!) off a 16-hour bus journey, we were whisked off into Lima by Julio and his friends to enjoy a night on the town. It was Saturday night, and there was no time to waste! [Continue reading…]

Planeta Life

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Jun 102011
Planeta Life

For the past two weeks we have made the neighbourhood of Planeta our home. It really is unlike any other I’ve lived in. It’s certainly different to my home city of Brighton, on the south coast of England. I feel like we’re getting the chance to see the real Peru, you know? [Continue reading…]

Re-Reverse-Culture-Shock.  One month in Peru!

Álo Karikuy followers. I’m Jacqui (also known as Cuy), the newest volunteer to start blogging here! I’m in a bit of a different situation from the rest of the Karikuy bunch in that I’ve already spent a good amount of time here in Peru. I was an exchange student in Lima for my senior year of high school from July 2009 to June 2010. Now, I’m back “home” (living in my host’s family guest room) because I couldn’t imagine spending my summer vacation anywhere else. [Continue reading…]

Jun 062011
A Night of Wine and Witches

Last week, just after we arrived in Lima, Julio took us on a trip to Ica along with his friends Sal and Jill. Ica is about five hours by bus south along the coast from Lima, and it is next to the beautiful oasis of Huacachina where we went sandboarding on the huge desert dunes. It is also a grape-growing region with many bodegas that produce sweet wines and the famous Peruvian pisco. The nearby village of Cachiche is famous for its history of witchcraft. [Continue reading…]

Enter Sandmen. And Women. Sandboarding in Ica!

Hello and welcome to the first blog post of Karikuy Volunteer Program 2011! My name’s Stu and I’m one of three volunteers kicking things off in this first week of this year’s project. I arrived at the Karikuy house last Saturday, the 28th May, and after a couple of days of settling in, a group of us headed to Ica with Julio. We enjoyed various activities during our time in the Ica region, some of which my fellow bloggers are going to mention in the days to come. But it falls to me to tell you about sandboarding! The imposing and iconic sand dunes surrounding the oasis of Huacachina dominate the landscape of the town. Sand, everywhere you look! [Continue reading…]

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