Peru confronts Uruguay this afternoon in Lima, Peru is at the bottom of the Qualifying table. However Peru is out for revenge, looking for a win over Uruguay after Peru suffered a 6-0 loss to them in their last qualifying encounter. Peru will also count on rookie forward Irven Avila who makes his debut wearing the national colors of Peru. This will truly be a battle as Peru looks to avoid finishing last in the group, there is still all to play for in this one folks. Watch live video from WWW.URUGUAYCELESTE.COM on Final: Peru 1 – 0 Uruguay 86′ Hernan Renfigo (Peru)

Second Tourism Parade in Cusco Begins Today with Chasquis Race

With the participation of some 250 people among athletes, fans and personnel from the Peruvian Army and the National Police Force, today takes place the first chasquis race “Chasquiton 2009”, which launches the Second great Parade of Tourism in Cusco, reported the local chamber of commerce. The activity, to mark the International Day of Tourism, is organized by Cusco’s Chamber of Commerce, Cusco Regional Chamber of Tourism (CARTUC), the Peruvian Association of Cusco Travel Agencies (AATC), the Regional Directorate of Foreign Trade and Tourism (Dircetur) and Cusco’s Festivities Municipal Enterprise (Emufec). The event is sponsored by Peru’s Export and Tourism Promotion Board (PromPeru), Cusco’s regional government and the provincial municipality of Cusco. The competence began in Corca (40 minutes away from Cusco) where the participants ran the last stretch of [Continue reading…]

Arctic Warming Could Flood a Quarter of Earth's Populations

According to a newly released report from the World Wide Fund For Nature (WWF) released yesterday, September 2nd, it would appear that the current warming trend recorded in the Arctic could have massive repercussions on our planet. The study shows that as much as one quarter of the globe’s population could be flooded, and that greenhouse gas emissions would increase substantially, once all the gases stored in the ices would be released back into the atmosphere. The changes that would follow would also bring about extreme worldwide weather events, the paper says. The new research, entitled “Arctic Climate Feedbacks: Global Implications,” paints a much bleaker picture than previous predictions, and should give politicians attending this December’s UN climate summit, in Copenhagen, Denmark, something to think about. The paper was written [Continue reading…]

Wikipedia Goes Offline to Help Rural Students in Peru

Internet access is still considered a rare privilege in some developing countries of Latin America. However, the lack of available technology is nowadays often mistaken for a failure in education or cultural activity. If children are days away from internet access, their education faces major obstacles, reported Advertising Age. But surprisingly enough, many developing countries in Latin America are known to have maintained an optimal level of education in primary schools. With scarce resources, the educational system has managed to face technological flaws creatively. For instance, take what rural Peruvian schools are doing with an offline version of Wikipedia. One of the main features of Wikipedia is that it’s “alive.” It’s constantly growing and improving its content with the help of thousands of online volunteers from around the world. So [Continue reading…]

Aug 292009
Recipe for a House

Between 1940 and 1981 Lima’s population exploded from 645,000 to over 4 million. The following is an account from Ayacucho-born Mercedes Torribio, who was part of the 1968 invasion of Jose Oloya. Like her story of invasion, millions more can relate to similar experiences including my own parents, who invaded the area now known as “Planeta” in which the Karikuy Bed & Breakfast is located. In these neighborhoods people are proud to say they have built their houses with their bare hands. The invasions and subsequent organizing of the “Pueblo Jovenes” or young towns of Lima have received world wide recognition as being one of the most complex and well organized social movements in the last 100 years. Recipe for a House By Mercedes Torribio I was twenty years old [Continue reading…]

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