The Long and Unsurpassed Journey to Laguna Churup

The plan was simple. Shannon and I would spend our last day of our week in the mountainous region of Ancash hiking to Laguna Churup. All of the tour books, other travelers and online reviews say that though the hike up to the Laguna is long and some points demanding that it is a worthwhile hike and that the Laguna which is 4450 meters above sea level is a must see. The first half of our trip went without any major glitches. After a lovely breakfast at Café California it was time for us to find the collectivo to the town of Yungay. Already behind schedule we were now left with the daunting task of finding the exact location of where the collectivo’s were parked as there is no official pick [Continue reading…]

Peru’s small town festival tops USA’s 4th of July by landslide

Huari, Peru – Virgin of the Rosary Festival. It starts with a party. Family, friends, gringos (well that’s not entirely true, we only saw two more gringos in the entire town), but anyone who can get there shows up. Food vendors line the streets with grills and sell a variety of products including anticuchos (the heart of a cow, on a stick), potatoes, chicken, hamburgers, and hot dogs, as well as your traditional carnival food – cotton candy, snacks, etc. Marching bands fill the streets (way earlier than any of us could fathom), and last through the night. Different bands play on different stages riling people up for the main event: the fireworks show. They build these 40-foot tall bamboo structures loaded with explosives (two for the first night, three [Continue reading…]

A Peanut in Chimbote:

Did you hear about the peanut that went to the city of Chimbote? She was a-salted. Get it? And guess who played the role of the peanut in this scenario? Yours truly. Actually, I’m making it out to be worse than it was. I’ll backtrack and tell you about Chimbote, but rest assured I’m fine and I wasn’t physically hurt. On Saturday, October 3rd, Sophie and I set out north for the coastal city of Chimbote. It’s not really a tourist spot, but a friend of mine from college is spending the next two years there as an Incarnate Word Missionary and I decided to visit (and, per usual, dragged Sophie into it with me). Because it is located directly on the coast, the economy of Chimbote relies on its [Continue reading…]

The Backpackers Guide to Andean Harps and Sheep-Neck Soup

Just like any other (and by “other”, I mean “inferior”) destination, Peru is a country which one should not tread upon whilst carrying with them the improper attitude. The pure traveler is one who takes their destination for more than its trinkets, tan-lines and tandem bicycles. Don’t let the vacation get in the way of the trip. And don’t let the trip get in the way of the experience. For, as we all know, there is NO SUCH THING as a bad experience. I’ve spent 6 of the last 7 days on buses. I was horribly ill for 2. I danced (badly) for 5. I ate guinea pigs, cow hearts, sheep innards and something called a “Sex Burger” which, contradictory to its rather lurid title, I found to be both [Continue reading…]

Los Albicelestes will be forced to claim all three points if they want to remain in contention for an automatic World Cup berth… Game time is at 6:00pm EST, Today October 10th, 2009: Watch live video from matrix on Playing For Nothing But Pride Peru find themselves bottom of the South American World Cup qualifying group, and although they have already been eliminated from World Cup contention, they will be hoping to cause a major upset in Buenos Aires. Jose Del Solar, the coach of Peru, is well aware that his side have to be very cautious of Argentina, and because of this he has named only a single striker in his attack. “We will play for honour”, declared the Peruvians, knowing that on Saturday they will be under [Continue reading…]

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