September 12th through the 14th, Sophie, Tim, and I took a much needed weekend getaway. As new and exciting as Lima is, I definitely miss fresh air and the sunshine that’s hidden by the constant cloud cover that hangs above the city. So the three of us took a bus south of Lima and into Peru’s desert. The juxtaposition of climate and geography in Peru is incredible. You have urban areas, desert, ocean, mountains, and jungle all right next to each other. Needless to say, to a girl used to growing up in the suburbs and cornfields of the midwest of the United States, the scenery on the bus ride was incredible. The bus took us from Lima to a town called Ica, where we then took a taxi to [Continue reading…]

International Gastronomic Fair expects to receive up to 300,000 people in Lima

The second edition of the Mistura International Gastronomic Fair, one of the most important gastronomic events in the world which will be held from September 24 to 27 in Lima, expects to receive up to 300,000 national and foreign people. The fair will take place at Parque de la Exposicion and will contribute to promote the good taste of Peruvian food prepared in both exclusive restaurants and in “Carretillas” (Food Stands); and at low prices. Famous chef and President of the Peruvian Gastronomical Association (Apega) Gaston Acurio said that 35 restaurants and 100 “Carretillas” from different parts of the country will participate in Mistura Fair. “In Carretillas we found the guardians of our tradition and without them, we as cookers do not exist. It is so important the figure of a woman who [Continue reading…]

Lima: A First Impression and a boat trip to the Islas Ballestas

It has been an amazing yet quick first week here in Peru. Though the time has gone fast I have already seen and learned a lot about Peruvian culture. Of course I have only scratched the surface and am excited for what is yet to come. When I first arrived in Lima I was greeted by Julio and Tim at the gate. The moment that we stepped out from the airport into the nights humid yet chilly air, Julio greeted me by saying, “Welcome to Lima, the most depressing city.” Though he meant it in the context of the looming grey skies that bear above the city I have found that the people of Lima make this city far from depressing. They seem to be happy and jovial people who [Continue reading…]

Sep 162009
Last look at the Nazca Lines

I spend my sober nights in Lima tossing and turning like a kid in need of a Dum-Dums fix. Usually, the cause of my uneasiness is the cold — Lima keeps stiff with a thick fog that drops temperatures below 50F most nights and proves far more effective at coverage than my wool blanket. Sometimes, it’s my content — unlike my colleague Sophie Ball, who is charged with the enviable task of reviewing Peruvian cuisine (she will be running out of stars before long), my content can get grim at times, like when I’m asking a supermodel how long she thinks it take before global warming ravages the Peruvian farming industry. Therefore, my trip to the desert towns of Haucachina and Nazca was made with a slight air of desperation [Continue reading…]

Machu Picchu Town Celebrates Anniversary with Artistic Show

The Andean town of Machu Picchu, which houses the famous Inca citadel bearing the same name, will celebrate its 68th foundation anniversary with a series of activities including a serenade, a fireworks display and an artistic show. The local municipality said the activities will begin on September 30 with a children’s show, a parade and a serenade in which local artists and the Hermanos Yaipen band will participate. A fireworks show called “Noche de Luces” will be put on Thursday, October 1, at midnight in Machu Picchu town. Anniversary activities will run through the day and will include a flag-raising ceremony, followed by a school parade and a mass to be attended by local authorities. According to the municipality, a series of bands will perform on October 2 to officialy [Continue reading…]

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