Peru Successful in Bid to Protect Traditional Knowledge Against BioPiracy

Peru has blocked several foreign companies from securing patents on products they say were developed using Peruvian traditional knowledge (TK). In the past several months, Peru’s National Commission Against BioPiracy has been able to show authorities from France, Japan, Korea, and the US that products submitted for patents failed to demonstrate the innovation and inventiveness required for patents. ”This is a good example of how coordinated action between the state, the business sector and civil society can prevent inappropriately granted patents related to genetic resources and traditional knowledge,” technical coordinator at the Commission, Andrés Valladolid said as quoted by International Centre for Trade and Sustainable Development. National and international recognition and protection of TK is a critical issue for many developing countries, and especially Peru, who is among ten countries [Continue reading...]

Cusco to Become Fashion Capital of Latin America

Cusco will become the fashion capital of Latin America when the “Cusco always fashion” show takes place in October featuring the best of young Peruvian designers’ work, announced Wednesday the head of the Regional Directorate for Foreign Trade and Tourism (Dircetur), Victor Hugo Perez. “One of the main objectives of this event is to turn Cusco into the design and fashion capital of Latin America, we aim to create a different and unusual tourist attraction,” the tourism official explained to Andina news agency. The idea is to mix pre-Columbian with contemporary designs, non-traditional, in order to promote the Peruvian style. The organization is considering requesting the participation of at least ten well-known national designers with international experience, as well as different models interested in appearing on the catwalk along with [Continue reading...]

Marcahuasi Part III - The Long Slog!

Previously at Marcahuasi…(recap) • Football: My team also only managed to score 2 goals to 4 before play was interrupted by a one two pass from me, to Alberto which was ‘saved’ by Lucho in goal or rather punted right out of the court. Thanks to the thinness of the air the ball gladly bounced down the hill (maybe bouncing 10 ft into the air, each time) and off the precipice below. * At this point I’d also meet rata, definitely one of the strangest guys I’ve ever met in my travels through South America so far. He earned the nickname because of his sixth finger (tip) which poked out from his right thumb making him look kind of ´rattish´. The one bonus of this was the oddity that he [Continue reading...]

Aug 042009

Arequipa, the final stop of the journey. The ride to Arequipa was supposed to be about 11 hours, but ended up being 17. Maren and I are getting better at the Peruvian way of “going with the flow”. The bus got stopped in the middle of the snowy mountains due to a truck crash. Though the delay was not ideal, I got to experience another aspect of the vast climates of Peru. When we got to Arequipa it was hot and sunny, so we quickly took of our layers of jackets and headed to the hostel called Home sweet Home. After unloading our bags, we headed to a delicious vegetarian menu for 6 soles. The place called Laksvishimi (or something like that) gave us salad, soup, a huge second plate, [Continue reading...]

The Land of the Eternal Sun

Tariy 2009 – Day 7. I woke up excited knowing that tonight I would be reaching the culmination of my trip by arriving at Máncora. I had spent the night in Trujillo, having spent the previous day exploring its culinary delights. Having spent some time in Trujillo the previous year, I was more then ready to set out and explore the new. I headed out of my claustrophobic, albeit budget hostel room and into the warm autumn breeze of Trujillo. Once again I found myself ducking for shade as the day heated up, I had a couple of errands to do before heading for Chiclayo, Piura and on to Máncora. After I had picked up breakfast (egg roll with juice) as well as my laundry I headed for the Linea [Continue reading...]

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