Aug 172009
A Day in Máncora

Tariy 2009  – Day 8 (Conclusion) The final day of my travels had arrived and where better to spend it then the beautiful beaches of Máncora. I had spend a week traveling through the north of Peru, checking up on my tour operators and making new contacts for the Karikuy Organization. I had now finally reached the beaches of Máncora in northern Peru, the farthest north I had yet traveled in the country. In Máncora the weather is great year round, always sunny and comfortably warm, although the best time to come is in February, the height of summer. Still even now in early March the sun continues to release its warmth on the more then plentiful tourists and locals that reside in this small beach town. So as I [Continue reading...]

Unidentified objects sighted in Tacna, Peru

Two bright unidentified objects were spotted Thursday by residents of the southernmost Peruvian city of Tacna. People all over the city were shocked to see two bright lights moving very slowy in the sky. Officials from the Carlos Ciriani airport in Tacna confirmed the objects were not airplanes. UFO fever is sweeping through Latin America at an incredible pace. Brazil has disclosed. Uruguay recently joined this UFO nation: disclosing its previously classified UFO files and allowing researchers to access them. Apparently around 40 well studied cases in the country have been made public. Some involve abductions and others highly documented UFO chases by the nation’s Air Force. Argentina is tipped to follow suite. Will Peru be next?

Aug 142009
Polvos Azules

The notorious Polvos Azules shopping center in Lima owes its name, which means blue powders, to Colonial-era merchants who plied their trade on a street along the Rimac River next to where the Presidential Palaca now stands. After Independence the place name stuck though the blue powders market was long gone. In time the area was made into a parking lot, which in turn was by the 1980s taken over by street merchants, encouraged in part by the mayor who wanted them off the streets. Thus, Polvos Azules became a warren of informal merchant stalls and peddlers, a magnet for petty criminals, and one of the busiest markets in all of Lima. The very same economic economic and social crises which had pushed so many into street sales pushed an [Continue reading...]

Peru's Seven Gastronomic Wonders to be announced August 26

The Seven Gastronomic Wonders of Peru Contest Final will take place on August 26. Chupe de Camarones (Arequipa), Papa a la Huancaina (Huancayo) are among the most voted dishes, reported Thursday AcidoUnGusto Comunicaciones, organizing company of the event.According to Ricardo Raez, AcidoUngusto representative, the seven winners’ names will be announced at a press conference, since organizers have postponed the ceremony marking the end of the eight-month online voting contest, which was supposed to be held at the Real Felipe Fortress in Callao province. AcidoUngusto representatives held a meeting with Callao’s officials and Peru’s Hotel Chefs Academy, the other organizing company of the event, and decided this postponement, stressing the need to prevent the spread of A/H1N1 flu among the population. He pointed out that the online voting will run until [Continue reading...]

Archaeologists Find Cave Painting Showing Face of Manco Inca II; Son of Huayna Capac

An incredible cave painting of Inca art representing the face of Manco Inca II or Manco Inca Yupanqui was discovered by a group of Spanish and Peruvian archaeologists and speleologists in a steep rock located in the Sacred Valley in Cusco.The painting was preserved for four centuries and was discovered thanks to vertical projection techniques used by the archaeologists and speleologists from Ukupacha project of Jayme I de Castellon University and Incapintay project. Manco Inca II or Manco Inca Yupanqui is one of the last monarchs of Tahuantinsuyo empire, son of Huayna Capac emperor. Salvador Guinot from Ukupacha project, said that the mural with Manco Inca face is located in the steep rock of the Pinkuylluna sacred mountain. Ollantaytambo is considered one of the last Inca cities, located in the [Continue reading...]

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