Exciting, Colourful and Honest Lima: My First Impression

I’ve only been in Peru for a mere couple of days and already I don’t know how I will be able to leave Lima. The city is an explosion of the senses in itself. Around every corner and down every new street I walk there is someone selling something that puts anything I’ve ever tasted to shame. I was first blown away by how fresh the food is here. Just yesterday I ate a chicken that I’m sure was alive and running around that same morning. Visit Peru for a day and I guarantee you will never eat frozen bread, frozen dinners or canned anything ever again. [Continue reading…]

Twitter vs. Karikuy

As if getting publicity wasn’t hard enough for a small company, twitter has once again suspended our account without explanation. We are left in the dark, left to count the days until we can get some sort of response from the media company. But this isn’t new, back in January of this year twitter suspended our account for “follower churn”, it was explained to them that hackers had hacked our accounts, our passwords being changed frequently without our notice. We had asked twitter to become a verified account and receive improved security measures, but we were denied a verified account. [Continue reading…]

Cooking up Dreams (De Ollas y Sueños)

On April 14th Peruvian cuisine will once again be showcased to the world in none other then one of the planets greatest metropolitan centers; New York City. Ollas y Sueño (Cooking up Dreams) will be premiered with much fanfare at the Havana Film Festival in Manhattan. The film itself follows Peruvian Gastronomy and it’s growth throughout the world. Directed by Ernesto Cabellos Damián, this documentary traces the roots of Peruvian Cuisine from early Peruvian history to its modern fusion of flavors from many different ethnicities. [Watch the Trailer…]

Copa Libertadores: Universitario vs. Blooming

20:30 From Peru (9:30 PM EST), Universitario will host Bolivian Blooming in a Group 4 match for the Copa Libertadores, played in the city of Lima.

With a victory, the Universitario will lead Group 4, taking the first option to qualify for the knockout stages of the tournament. For this reason, comments striker Piero Alva, “a win becomes indispensable, if you do not want major problems to advance in Libertadores.”

Blooming is last in the group, with a poor performance so far in the tournament, so there is confidence on the Peruvian side to achieve a favorable outcome. [Watch the Game…]

Epic Fail: Machu Picchu Suspends Reopening, Hundreds Locked Out

MACHU PICCHU, Peru, – What was supposed to be a joyous occasion in the Andes of Peru suddenly turned sour as hundreds found themselves locked out of the 7th Wonder of the World. Machu Picchu, which had been closed for two months due to catastrophic floods in the area, was planned to be reopened today to the world but something went horribly wrong. [Continue reading…]

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