Our Favorite Restaurants of 2010

In 2010 the Karikuy volunteers and myself made it a habit of trying to find the tastiest food in Lima, Peru and around the country. We would check out recommendations by taxi drivers, chefs and people from all walks of life to find the gems of South America’s culinary capital and beyond. The following list is made up of our favorite places to eat, these are the restaurants we constantly came back to, as well as some that we found during our travels around the country. [Continue reading…]

Our Favorite Hostels of 2010

From now until the end of the year we will be having a year end blog-a-thon where we will be putting together our favorite things to see and do in Peru. Being that traveling is our main area of focus on this blog (as well as getting your bucks worth), we thought it best to start by highlighting our favorite hostels from a year of intensive travelling. After the jump is a location specific list of hostels you should have in mind when visiting Peru on a budget. [Continue reading…]

Agricultural Terraces to Table: The Many Facets of Arequipa

The drive was long, slow and for the most part painful.  As mentioned in Andrew’s previous blog it took 16 + hours to arrive to our destination of Arequipa.   When we finally arrived at the city’s bus terminal the owner of the hostel that we would be staying at was there to greet us and to take us back to her lovely abode.  This was an incredibly nice gesture and overall our stay at this place was incredibly pleasant.  If you ever do choose to visit Arequipa I highly recommend the Sol de Oro hostel.  Okay, now that I am done giving free promotional plugs, let me move on… Arequipa located in Southern Peru is the second largest city in Peru after Lima. It was nicknamed the “White City” because [Continue reading…]

45 Hours on a Bus in 4 Days

This weekend I was lucky enough to be granted a whopping 16 ½ hour bus ride, each way, for a chance to take a glance at Arequipa, Peru. But it was really Sophie who hit the jackpot as she had the privilege of sitting next to me during the entire expedition! She was even more excited when each of us was confined to four inches of wiggle room if the person in front of us had his/her seat reclined, which turned out to be approximately 94% of the time. But to be fair, it was hard for me to argue as I was skillfully bringing home the gold for the USA in a game of Bingo, earning me a free ticket back to Lima. In fact, it was so impressive [Continue reading…]

Sep 122009
DIY Arequpia and Colca Cañon

After doing the Jungle Trek to Machu Picchu, me and Chani were “toured out“. No way that we were gonna go onto another tour in Arequipa… We went to the local bus station, bought a ticket to Chivay and then we took it easy from there. In the same afternoon we walked to the local hot springs of Chivay and we got healed from all kinds of diseases that we did not even know that we had haha. Next day – following the “instructions“ of the Lonely Planet we made our way to Yanque and back to Chivay– and the hike was sooooooo beautiful. There were almost no tourists around and we were enjoying the silence and of course the beautiful landscape of the Colca Cañon. We passed pre-Incan terraces [Continue reading…]

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