Jun 102009
Volunteer with Karikuy

Volunteer with Karikuy: More literally in Quechua, this means volunteer with your heart wide open. That’s what you’ll be doing here in Lima when you agree to stay at the Karikuy bed and breakfast and donate your time. I am personally now a month into my program, and am soon on my way to see more of the country. But I will find it hard not to look back. Here’s some of what you can expect as a volunteer at Karikuy: Getting to know Peru: When is the last time you sat down and researched a country? Well if it had to be any country, I’d say Peru is one that will peak your interest. As a volunteer, you can decide what subject you fancy most and create factual online [Continue reading…]

Tariy '09: El Cañon de Pato

Cañon de Pato

Mar 222009
Tariy '09: Huaraz

Posted by Julio C. Tello, Day 4. I woke up to a chilly Thursday morning in Huaraz not wanting to get out of bed, there’s something about cold floors I just don’t enjoy. I had spent the night trying as best as I could to keep warm, by now my body had adjusted to the warm nights of Lima, the change in temperature and altitude had begun to take its toll on me. I shivered my way to the bathroom to take a hot shower, although at first it seemed as if I would have to forget about freshening up as it took nearly 15 minutes for the hot water to finally make its way up to my room. After the shower and getting changed I headed to the laundromat [Continue reading…]

Tariy '09: The Callán Pass to Huaraz

Posted by Julio C. Tello, Day 3. I woke up to a beautiful day in Casma so OK! here’s where things get very interesting. After a quick breakfast and thanking my family for their hospitality, I waved them goodbye as I made my way towards the bus stop at Alas Peruanas. My transport was a small blue bus that seated about 50 people. The 6 hour route this bus would follow is one known to few tourists, normally if you were to travel to Huaraz from Lima you would take a paved road that branches off the Pan-American highway near Barranca. This route known as the Callán Pass would see me climb to an altitude of 4,622 meters or 13,866 ft above sea level. The ride started out normal enough, [Continue reading…]

Tariy '09: The Twins of Casma

There is always an air of anticipation before going a long road trip. You hope that everything will go as planned, but as a seasoned traveler you know in your gut that nothing will, and that it’s better this way. It’s traveling into the unknown that makes road trips so attractive, and although I had traveled this route before I knew that it would not be the same. A couple new locations beckoned me and one or two stood out in my mind as I had never traveled there before. This years Tariy is pure business I told myself, but deep inside, and perhaps secretly, I was telling myself if I don’t come back different I shouldn’t come back at all. And so with the chaos and heat of the [Continue reading…]

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