A Lesson in the Laid-Back Life...

Though I’ve only been here a week, 9 days to be exact, there is one thing I learned rather quickly: I can go ahead and toss any schedule I might even have thought about out the window.  I live by routine: class schedule, work schedule, gym and meals…it’s just the way I survive.  What can I say, I am organized in my disorganization, but boy was I in for a rude awakening. [Continue reading…]

Off the tourist circuit: A weekend in Casma

One of the main reasons as to why I travel is so I can see how other cultures live and experience life.  For me it is the most captivating and important reason as why I leave home and it is also what stays ingrained within my memory the longest. I love seeing the sites of the countries that I visit but understanding the people; that is where the true experience lies. This past weekend in the small town of Casma I found what I was looking for. Casma is not a hot tourist destination.  Actually Lonely Planet says “Casma has little to do except watch the whirring of passing buses.”  While this may be true for the typical backpacker traveling through South America, volunteers of Perupedia were fortunate enough to [Continue reading…]

Sep 232009
Best wedding of 2009

This past weekend was a blur of great times and it’s mostly thanks to the people pictured left. Julio took us to a small mountain town called Casma, six hours north of Lima, to see his neice Jackie get hitched Saturday. “Now, wait just a second there, TR,” you might be saying if you are thinking like I am by purposely setting up conflict for your blog post. “I thought that this trip to Peru was supposed to be for serious educational research and study. I want to read about the news in Peru as only you, with your sexy drive to ‘tell it like it really is on the streets,’ can deliver it — what gives?” Well, would-be-and-should-be-in-the-future-travelers-to-Peru, I used to think the same as you. During my two [Continue reading…]

May 212009
A truly Peruvian experience

I am a week into my stay here in Lima, and its incorporated everything from downtime, computer screens, my first Peruvian combi ride, cramped buses, and uncanny amounts of food to a visit of the rivaling “oldest ruins in the Americas”. After so much time on the road, the rushing between cities, the questionable accommodations and the sparse meals, Lima has been a welcome refuge to this weary traveler. Not only do I have my own room and a warm shower (the latter which you are hard to find here in Peru), but I have stuffed myself with the delicious treats of Julio’s aunt and her helper Marlene. If Peru is a foody’s paradise with its hundreds of national dishes, then Lima is its culinary capital. This makes me as [Continue reading…]

Time Shortens

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May 212009
Time Shortens

What was once a month in Lima is now merely a couple days, and it’s been a great time. For me, traveling is not just about seeing places, but experiencing them, and the Perupedia volunteer opportunity is effectively geared toward this aim. I quickly adapted to life in the Planeta barrio of  Cercado de Lima, with it’s corner markets, street vendors, friendly neighbors, vagabond animals, rushed combis…everything. However it’s been a week or so since last post, and I should be updating on what’s transpired, right? The project continues to expand, new content uploaded daily. We have most of the quirks worked out on some formatting issues and picture file manipulation, so the pages are mostly ready for final tweaking. Some big triumphs for completely inexperienced computer coding hacks. The [Continue reading…]

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