The Mysterious Civilization and Culture of Chavin People

Peru is a litany of historical civilizations that wet extinct one way or another. If you have heard about the Wari, the Paracas and the Moche, you probably haven’t heard about the Chavin culture. The civilization is named after Chavín de Huantar, an archaeological site that has been designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Read more..

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Blood and Stones: Life in a Party Tent

And this is how it began; the different layers of excavations started calling us from under the cruel ground, and with trowels, pickaxes, axes ‘the killers’, buckets, gloved hands, sunglasses, some Indiana Jones hats, we started poking the earth trying to find remnants of history, to find those people who ate, played, slept, who had real hopes, wishes, fears, lusts, problems, miracles, who made children and told them stories about their ancestors in the mountains, sacrificed animals to please their gods and in that, made a culture of their lives. [Continue reading…]

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The Many Picchu’s of Peru

The quiet streets of Aguas Calientes and the empty hotel rooms in Cuzco are a grim reality to what many people had feared to ask themselves; what would it be like without Machu Picchu? The heavy rains, which continue in Cusco, have destroyed access to the famous citadel. Its closure has meant unemployment to thousands and homelessness to many more left standing in the wake of the recent flooding.

At a time when cultural tourism is most in need to preserve the livelihoods of thousands of Cusqeños, the world has all but turned its back on them and shuddered at the thought of voluntourism without Machu Picchu. Sure tourism will return, in 2 weeks Machu Picchu will again be accessible by the Machu Picchu by Car circuit. After all Machu Picchu is timeless, built to last forever by the Incas, a testament to our creativity, of things we can do when we work together; of our endurance. It is this endurance passed on to them by their ancestors that will inevitably sustain the people of Cuzco until the tourists return. Because without Machu Picchu, the old Mountain, there is no reward at the end of a hard days hike. There is no grand finale to an adventure that crossed the many lands of Peru. No spirits to warm you on a spiritual quest of a lifetime and most importantly no place to get away from it all. How wrong we all are. [Continue Reading…]

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