Meeting Peruvian Gandhi!

Today I met Gandhi. Well, of course not the real Gandhi, but the ‘Peruvian Gandhi’ as he is locally known, and is apparently his actual name (although I’m skeptical). Deep in the labyrinth that is Chinatown, up some stairs, round some corners, and past some beady curtains, you can find Lima’s look-a-like fortune teller, whose career path was decidedly different to the real Gandhi’s. Read more..

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Asian roots run deep in Peruvian soil

Anyone with Asian features quickly stands out as a foreigner in most of Latin America. But not in Peru, where a large percentage of the population is of Asian descent.

The first Chinese and Japanese who left their countries for Peru trusted that their hard work would give them the chance to return home. Many decades later, their children and grandchildren are well integrated into Peruvian society. [Continue reading…]

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