The Real Price of Water: The Future’s Rare Resource

Can someone really understand climate change if it has no impact on his/her daily life? Our routines are all similar; head to the bathroom, brush our teeth, flush the toilet, take a shower, turn on our computers. We’ll head to the fridge and even keep the thing open for a good 5 minutes while we decide what we’ll have for breakfast. Those of us blessed to have a green patch of earth will water our lawns or watch the pool man do his job while we read the paper, all the while ignoring the really important articles on page 6. The stories that tell us that one day we’ll wake up, head to the bathroom and they’ll be no water for us to brush our teeth, no water to flush our excrement or to clean ourselves. Our computers lay idle because the hydro electric plant that produces our energy does not receive enough water to power its turbines. Of our picture perfect neighborhoods becoming dusty wastelands as desertification creeps in, claiming a generation of ignorance and leaving our children stranded in a mess we created. [Continue reading…]

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