Jul 102009
Whoa Combi

So this week I used the public transportation by myself. Honestly I was a little nervous. All of the traffic, street vendors, all the different buses and people yelling out street names, are a lot to take in. Not to mention that my Spanish is pretty poor. It worked out fine, the people of Lima are very helpful and friendly. They pointed out where I needed to get off and (despite my broken spanish) helped my find the streets. I would recommend ( if your Spanish is bad) carrying a notebook with you- it helped me to write down the address and give it to the driver for directions. One of the places I was going the taxi driver and I could not find, so he pulled over and used [Continue reading…]

Jul 082009
Hello Lima

I am Chani from Chicago and am going to write about dance. I have never been to South America or any other Spanish speaking country. So, I am in Peru; a very new adventure. The trip here was just fine, almost missed my flight but it worked out just fine and Julio was waiting at the airport. Thursday was our tour of Lima, I got to try emoliente. Emoliente is a thick tea with different herb and fruit extracts- mad yums. Maren pretty much summed up our adventures of the weekend. But I can add my own little tid bits and thoughts. I too enjoyed the dancing. As a dancer I really appreciated the fact that everyone here dances. In the states I often feel that role is delegated to females. The [Continue reading…]

Peruvians celebrate Andean Music Day in Lima park

Hundreds of Lima residents and tourists will visit the Parque de la Exposición on Sunday to appreciate a variety of music and dance performances on the occasion of the third anniversary of Peru’s Andean Music Day. Admission is free and open to all. Artistic performances will take place from 13:00 to 18:00 hours. Today’s activities, which include live music and dance performances by renowned local artists, aim to pay tribute to Peru’s most genuine, ancient, traditional and cultural wealth: the Andean music. This one-day, one-stage festival will feature artists such as Amanda Portales, Jaime Guardia, William Luna, Max Castro, Los Campesinos, Princesita de Yungay, Irene del Centro, Eusebio “Chato” Grados, Maria Jesus Rodriguez, among others. Parque de la Exposición is a popular park in the heart of Peru’s capital Lima. [Continue reading…]

Mas Lima

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May 072009
Mas Lima

By Josh Lowe. The days and weeks are moving by quickly, I can’t believe it’s been a week since my last post. Last week there was another benefit, “La Gran Pollada” (loosely translated as Great Chicken Barbecue), this time at the house where I am staying. There is a big room downstairs that works well for lots of people. The floors are all bare cement, tiled, or hardwood covered here, and I can’t recall seeing a carpeted floor anywhere since arriving.  A big reason is the dust. Vacuum motors and filters don’t last long.  Back to the floor downstairs though, it worked well because of all the beer glass shake-outs that occur with Peruvian drinking. Makes the morning clean up easier. They are pros here, I must say. I knew [Continue reading…]

Learning Lima

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Apr 302009
Learning Lima

By: Josh Lowe The first weekend in Lima has passed, and new traditions learned. Saturday night I was introduced to the Lima club scene where the majority of the locals hang out. I think we left the house around 11:30 or so, as the “discotecques” don’t fill up till later, and stay open until the last person leaves, which is often after sunrise. The cab ride there was interesting. We definitely crossed over into the oncoming traffic lane on more than one occasion, as apparently it enabled us to cut out a few blocks of travel. Seems a bit hectic, but the drivers do stay focused on the road and aware of other vehicles. After getting over the initial feeling of insanity regarding Lima traffic, I think you can come [Continue reading…]

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