Drinking in Peru: It's All About Socialising

Whichever country we visit, we are always interested in its drinking culture. A country like Peru offers booze hounds all the watering holes and exotic drinks that they can ever wish for. Read more..

Sushi and cocktails: welcome to Lima!

The evening after Stu and I first rocked up at the Karikuy headquarters last week, fresh (ha!) off a 16-hour bus journey, we were whisked off into Lima by Julio and his friends to enjoy a night on the town. It was Saturday night, and there was no time to waste! [Continue reading…]

Our Favorite Restaurants of 2010

In 2010 the Karikuy volunteers and myself made it a habit of trying to find the tastiest food in Lima, Peru and around the country. We would check out recommendations by taxi drivers, chefs and people from all walks of life to find the gems of South America’s culinary capital and beyond. The following list is made up of our favorite places to eat, these are the restaurants we constantly came back to, as well as some that we found during our travels around the country. [Continue reading…]

Aug 072010
Lose Yourself in Paucartambo

I was completely lost. Not directionally lost (it would be an accomplishment for even me to lose my bearings in a three-street town), I was lost in the chaos, the madness, the anything-goes that is the Virgen del Carmen Festival. I dug into my homework research to make some sense out of it all, but nope, textbook knowledge doesn’t apply today in Paucartambo. [Continue reading…]

In Search Of Lima’s Best Coffee: Pt. 2

As my time in Lima draws to a close, it’s time to expand a coffee addict’s coffee shop round up. In case you missed the first take, make sure to check out part one here. As Lima begins its slow and steady expansion of its café culture, more coffee gems are bound to pop up. Until then, check out these new noteworthy addititions. [Continue reading…]

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