Campo Santo: A Garden of the Past

Amongst all the excitement we volunteers experienced this week in Huaraz, there was a moment of reflection and composure as we entered the memorial site of Campo Santo. To the back of the site lies Mount Huascaran standing at 22,205 feet above sea level in the region of Ancash. The mountain is Peru’s highest and is part of the Cordillera Blanca, or “white range” in the Huascaran National Park. [Continue reading…]

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The Ring of Fire

The recent earthquake in Chile has shaken awake the medias interest in the infamous “Ring of Fire”. From local weather men to the big network scientists, all have vaguely scratched the surface in their explanations of one of the most dangerous areas on Earth.

The Pacific Ring of Fire stretches from South America, where the Nazca plate dips beneath the South American Plate, and runs north along the pacific coasts of Central and North America up to Alaska. It then crosses over to the coasts of Asia all the way south to New Zealand and the Pacific Islands. It is along these fault lines that 75% of the worlds active and dormant volcanoes rest. It is also where 90% of the worlds earthquakes occur. [Continue reading…]

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