Top Picks for Peru: My Ideal Itinerary

Are you planning a trip to Peru and want ideas on how to best spend your time? While travel guides are useful at advising us which hostel is the cleanest and friendliest or where the closest ATM is, they often don’t cut it for assisting us plan out the ideal route to explore a country. [Continue reading…]

Oct 252010
The Floating Totora Reed Islands

After being thrown a curve-ball upon arrival in Puno (altitude sickness kept me hostel-bound yet again) I conjured the energy to take a boat trip across Lake Titikaka – the world’s highest lake that isn’t frozen over. [Continue reading…]

Oct 222010
It's a Dog's Life

Dogs in Peru have a very different life to the domesticated pooches I’m accustomed to in Australia. Throughout Peru, you can see dogs wearing jumpers (or sweaters, as some parts of the world say). They can often be spotted in the latest knitwear or t-shirts designed either for dogs or humans. [Continue reading…]

The Fanciest Street Food in Town: Grimanesa Anticuchos

When I’d heard about “this place where you can get beef’s heart on a skewer” my stomach turned just ever so slightly. I usually have trouble chewing through a steak, let alone eating the organ that pumps blood through the entire body of a cow. [Continue reading…]

Oct 152010
Doing It the Salkantay Way

Trekking to Machu Picchu seemed like an exciting idea three months ago, when I was getting organized for my big trip to South America. At the time, I hadn’t really considered what this ‘trek’ would actually involve. It’s just the ‘thing you do’… after all, I didn’t want to be one of those people who rock up at 6am to Machu Picchu on a bus with their freshly pressed jeans and shirts. I am an independent traveler and I am up for a challenge! [Continue reading…]

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