Copa Libertadores: Universitario vs. Blooming

20:30 From Peru (9:30 PM EST), Universitario will host Bolivian Blooming in a Group 4 match for the Copa Libertadores, played in the city of Lima.

With a victory, the Universitario will lead Group 4, taking the first option to qualify for the knockout stages of the tournament. For this reason, comments striker Piero Alva, “a win becomes indispensable, if you do not want major problems to advance in Libertadores.”

Blooming is last in the group, with a poor performance so far in the tournament, so there is confidence on the Peruvian side to achieve a favorable outcome. [Watch the Game…]

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Copa Libertadores: Libertad vs. Universitario

Tonight at 8:45 PM EST, Group leaders Libertad of Paraguay and Universitario of Peru meet for the second and last time to claim a berth in the 2010 Copa Libertadores knockout round. The showdown will take place in Asuncion Paraguay, both teams remain undefeated in the groups stage, this match serving as a defining moment for both as they look to advance to the next round. [Watch the Game…]

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Copa Libertadores: Universitario vs. Libertad

Here at Karikuy we’re adamant about soccer which is why we’ll be bringing you some live streaming matches of Copa Libertadores (as long as our team is in it). Well we’ll try to do our best and if your Peruvian Team is playing in the cup then just contact us and we’ll find a live feed. After all these games are hard to come by on mainstream cable.

Tonights big match (9pm EST) is between Universitario (Peru) and Libertad (Paraguay). Both teams hold the top spots with 6 points to their name in group 4 and should be a great match to watch as the winner will make in on to the knockout round of Americas most prestigious cup competition, comparable only to the Champions League in Europe. [Watch the Game…]

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