More Than a Million Tourists to Visit Peru and Discover Its Cuisine

It is no secret that Peruvian cuisine is one of the most exotic and complex of them all. Restaurants specializing in Peruvian cuisine have begun to appear across the world, from New York to London to Tokyo. Read more..

Mistura: Peru’s Food Fair of the Gods

Founded by Gaston Acurio, a chef who has spearheaded the popularization of Peruvian cuisine, Mistura brings together small stands run by the chefs of popular restaurants, alongside displays and sales outlets of things like gnarly, snakelike potatoes, pink and orange corn, or organic coffees. Racks of meat grill in the open air, while long lineups form by those wanting a plate of marinated fish, the venerated ceviche, made by chef Javier Wong, whose tiny restaurant in a run-down section of Lima doesn’t even had a sign out front. [Continue reading…]

In Search Of Lima’s Best Coffee: Pt. 2

As my time in Lima draws to a close, it’s time to expand a coffee addict’s coffee shop round up. In case you missed the first take, make sure to check out part one here. As Lima begins its slow and steady expansion of its café culture, more coffee gems are bound to pop up. Until then, check out these new noteworthy addititions. [Continue reading…]

A Wonderful Day in the Neighborhood; Planeta.

Living in Lima, Peru has been interesting and eventful. Taking cabs and combis are an adventure within itself, feeling like your life is going to come to an abrupt and sudden stop because of oncoming traffic or a truck barely missing your door. And the food, food venders available near our humble abode have really made it easy to call Planeta home. The area in Lima which you can find the Karikuy team is located near Cercado de Lima in a local barrio called Planeta. Although the local peruvians might think of this area as ‘movimento’, I have come to really enjoy living here and taking advantage of everything it has to offer. [Continue reading…]

Cooking up Dreams (De Ollas y Sueños)

On April 14th Peruvian cuisine will once again be showcased to the world in none other then one of the planets greatest metropolitan centers; New York City. Ollas y Sueño (Cooking up Dreams) will be premiered with much fanfare at the Havana Film Festival in Manhattan. The film itself follows Peruvian Gastronomy and it’s growth throughout the world. Directed by Ernesto Cabellos Damián, this documentary traces the roots of Peruvian Cuisine from early Peruvian history to its modern fusion of flavors from many different ethnicities. [Watch the Trailer…]

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