Agricultural Terraces to Table: The Many Facets of Arequipa

The drive was long, slow and for the most part painful.  As mentioned in Andrew’s previous blog it took 16 + hours to arrive to our destination of Arequipa.   When we finally arrived at the city’s bus terminal the owner of the hostel that we would be staying at was there to greet us and to take us back to her lovely abode.  This was an incredibly nice gesture and overall our stay at this place was incredibly pleasant.  If you ever do choose to visit Arequipa I highly recommend the Sol de Oro hostel.  Okay, now that I am done giving free promotional plugs, let me move on… Arequipa located in Southern Peru is the second largest city in Peru after Lima. It was nicknamed the “White City” because [Continue reading…]

Aug 172009
A Day in Máncora

Tariy 2009  – Day 8 (Conclusion) The final day of my travels had arrived and where better to spend it then the beautiful beaches of Máncora. I had spend a week traveling through the north of Peru, checking up on my tour operators and making new contacts for the Karikuy Organization. I had now finally reached the beaches of Máncora in northern Peru, the farthest north I had yet traveled in the country. In Máncora the weather is great year round, always sunny and comfortably warm, although the best time to come is in February, the height of summer. Still even now in early March the sun continues to release its warmth on the more then plentiful tourists and locals that reside in this small beach town. So as I [Continue reading…]

Cusco Ranked Third in Best Latin American Cities Contest

The Andean city of Cusco in southeastern Peru got the third spot among cities from Central and South America in the contest “World’s best” organized by Travel+Leisure magazine, reported today Peru’s Tourism and Export Promotion Board (PromPeru).The first spot was occupied by Buenos Aires, Argentina and the second place by Oaxaca, Mexico. Cusco was also voted the world’s 16th most popular tourist destination. Popular destinations such as Barcelona, London and even Paris did not reach the global list of 20 top cities. Indian city Udiapur led this year’s list, pushing 2008’s winner Bangkok to the third place. The magazine, which conducted its poll between January-March 2009, also ran a rating of the world’s best hotels, top tour operators and top large-ship cruise lines. In the category of Central and South America’s best resorts, [Continue reading…]

Mar 222009
Tariy '09: Huaraz

Posted by Julio C. Tello, Day 4. I woke up to a chilly Thursday morning in Huaraz not wanting to get out of bed, there’s something about cold floors I just don’t enjoy. I had spent the night trying as best as I could to keep warm, by now my body had adjusted to the warm nights of Lima, the change in temperature and altitude had begun to take its toll on me. I shivered my way to the bathroom to take a hot shower, although at first it seemed as if I would have to forget about freshening up as it took nearly 15 minutes for the hot water to finally make its way up to my room. After the shower and getting changed I headed to the laundromat [Continue reading…]

Tariy '09: The Callán Pass to Huaraz

Posted by Julio C. Tello, Day 3. I woke up to a beautiful day in Casma so OK! here’s where things get very interesting. After a quick breakfast and thanking my family for their hospitality, I waved them goodbye as I made my way towards the bus stop at Alas Peruanas. My transport was a small blue bus that seated about 50 people. The 6 hour route this bus would follow is one known to few tourists, normally if you were to travel to Huaraz from Lima you would take a paved road that branches off the Pan-American highway near Barranca. This route known as the Callán Pass would see me climb to an altitude of 4,622 meters or 13,866 ft above sea level. The ride started out normal enough, [Continue reading…]

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