Lima’s Historic Buildings to be Restored

The historical center of Lima is home to several protected historical monuments dating back to Spanish colonial styles of 15th and 16th century. There are hundreds of other monuments belonging to 17th and 18th century. The region attracts tourists from across the world to relish its rich cultural background and architecture. Read more..

Barranco: The Romantic Soul of Lima

Every major city of the world has its bohemian quarter. Paris has its Latin Quarter and Lima has its Barranco District. Barranco is where the city’s intellectuals, artists, writers, poets and designers live. Read more..

White Baby Tiger in Huachipa Zoo Attracting Visitors

It is great news for all the animal lovers in Peru. A cute white tigress has born recently in Huachipa Zoo, east of Lima. The cub born to two white Bengal tigers arrived in Peru three years ago from Argentina and Chile is kept in a special area of parenting under constant surveillance of veterinarians. Read more..

Soak in the Beauty of Plaza de Armas

Your trip to Peru is incomplete without visiting the foundations of modern architecture of most of the Peruvian cities built by Spanish Conquistadors. The central area of the town was often marked by the construction of Plaza de Armas (Plaza of Arms). Read more..

Middle Eastern Airlines Flock to Peru

While Peru has recently become one of the hottest tourist destinations, it still isn’t very popular in affluent Middle East, a major source of tourists. Read more..

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