Lima Welcomes to the Stage: The Vagina Monologues

Not words you’d expect to hear in Catholic Peru, but hear them I did at a packed-out Miraflores theatre. Non other than the internationally recognised play by Vagina Monologues has come to Lima. Now 20 years old, it took its time in arriving (the first play was in 2001), but judging by the size of the audience it is safe to say that there is definite interest among Peruvian women in intimate self-discovery. Read more..

Jul 192011
Lights, Colors and Lima

At this time of the year, Lima is a city of cold humid air almost always blanketed by grey clouds. If you go out in the afternoon, the wind follows you, at first tickling and teasing your skin making its way to the shivery possession it craves which is taken over by that cold misty night, so stagnant that it makes you numb. This wintery play always gets me very hopeful, about everything. [Continue reading…]

Huaca Pucllana: Lunch at some pre-Incan ruins

This Sunday we ate lunch in the Huaca Pucllana restaurant, which overlooks the pre-Incan Huaca Pucllana archaeological site, right in the middle of the city! [Continue reading…]

The Fanciest Street Food in Town: Grimanesa Anticuchos

When I’d heard about “this place where you can get beef’s heart on a skewer” my stomach turned just ever so slightly. I usually have trouble chewing through a steak, let alone eating the organ that pumps blood through the entire body of a cow. [Continue reading…]

El Parque Kennedy and The Circle of Life

If you are going to live in Peru for a long period of time as a wandering outlander, you better well like it. However the life of a vagabond is not always full of adrenaline-rush-water-rafting-paragliding-mountain-climbing fun. I was warned by many fellow adventurous wayfarers before my Peruvian journey of the notorious traveller’s cycle in which we are eventually entangled into three distinct stages. First we are drawn into the romance of the honeymoon period where the novelty seduces our senses and our exploration of the country is full of endless possibilities. [Continue reading…]

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