Marcahuasi – Mystery of the Mountain

Marcahuasi is the Quechua name given to a plateau 60 km northeast of Lima, one that roughly translates as “the House of the Sovereign”. Exactly who this sovereign is, or what the stories are behind the stone abodes and rock monuments that dot the landscape, most experts have little clue. Some have offered a geologic explanation for the sculpted landscape, while others, such as proto-historian Dr Daniel Ruzo, believe that the rocks, which resemble everything from faces to dinosaurs, are markers left by an ancient civilization, long since annihilated by cataclysms of (literally) Biblical proportions. [Continue reading…]

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The Ring of Fire

The recent earthquake in Chile has shaken awake the medias interest in the infamous “Ring of Fire”. From local weather men to the big network scientists, all have vaguely scratched the surface in their explanations of one of the most dangerous areas on Earth.

The Pacific Ring of Fire stretches from South America, where the Nazca plate dips beneath the South American Plate, and runs north along the pacific coasts of Central and North America up to Alaska. It then crosses over to the coasts of Asia all the way south to New Zealand and the Pacific Islands. It is along these fault lines that 75% of the worlds active and dormant volcanoes rest. It is also where 90% of the worlds earthquakes occur. [Continue reading…]

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