Peruvian Cuisine Will Drive More Tourists toward Lima

It is a well known fact that Peruvian cuisine is one of the most vibrant in the whole world. Peruvian cuisine has begun to compete with Chinese, Japanese and even Italian cuisines it terms of popularity and visibility. Most major metropolises of the world today host Peruvian restaurants, and they are growing every week. Read more..

Ever tried a Frog Cocktail?

Anyone who has been to France is probably familiar with the idea of eating frogs legs. I have, they’re pretty tasty in fact. But frog juice? Not so common! Read more..

May 092016
Pisco for One?

When travelling in Peru one thing that you will always notice is the friendliness and warm hospitality of the people. That, and that they know how to have a good fiesta! Peruvians love to dance and have fun, and that includes the odd drink or five. Yet even drinking becomes an activity between friends here, so rather than ordering your own beer as in Europe or America, people will share the same bottle and sometimes the same cup, making drinking a really social activity. Read more..

Sink Your Teeth into These Delicious Papa Rellena

Potato has its roots in Peru since it was first cultivated by Inca Indians around 8000 B.C. to 5000 B.C. Since they originated in Peru, it plays a significant role in Peruvian staple diet. Read more..

Jul 032015
When in Peru, Gorge On Anticuchos

Anticuchos is a delicious grilled dish close to the heart of every Peruvian. It is a common street food in Peru. While you roam in the streets of Lima, you often notice food stalls called anticucheras that specifically serve anticuchos. Read more..

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