Good News: Food Insecurity Reduces in Peru

Peru has had a long battle with food insecurity. More than a decade has passed since Peru is trying to reduce food insecurity. Read more..

Chifa: Chinese Cuisine a la Peru

Peru has always been a country that has invited immigrants. The racial composition of Peru reflects this. Africans, Europeans, Chinese, Japanese and the native people have all added to Peru’s demographics. Read more..

When In Peru, Don't Forget to Slurp Some Shambar

Peruvian cuisine is world famous and there are more Peruvian restaurants being opened today across the important cities of the world than any other cuisine’s. Read more..

Bite Into a Succulent Papa Rellena When In Peru

If you already didn’t know, potatoes are native to Peru. The Spanish and other colonialists took the potatoes from South America to other parts of the world, where it quickly became popular. While potatoes are still the staple food in countries that are far removed from Peru, the humble root is still a major part of Peruvian cuisine. Read more..

Don't Forget to Bite Into a Cuy When You Are in Peru

Peruvian cuisine is one of the most sought after across restaurants in cities like London, Paris and New York. Peruvian cuisine is growing very popular all over the world and there is no better place than Peru to try some of its most well known delicacies. Read more..

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