Chocolate Booze: Let the Search Begin!

For many people, when they’re having a bit of a stressful day, what do they reach for as a comfort? For some, it’s sweet treats like chocolate. For others, it might be a glass of wine or pisco (if you’re in Peru). But did you know that both these popular things, chocolate and alcohol, actually come from the same Cacao fruit? Read more..

Plaza Matriz: Sleepy Port Town is Finally Coming to Life!

If you follow the coast line away from the rush of downtown Lima, you will arrive at the centre of a small port town, Plaza Matriz. This location is not often visited by tourists and remains off-the-beaten-track, affording the more adventurous traveler the opportunity to have a real experience that few others have had before. Read more..

Peru Declares Emergency in 14 Regions Due to El Nino

If global warming weren’t already alarming across the world, Peru has just declared a 60-day state of emergency in 14 regions across the country. Peru expects extensive damage due to the El Niño pattern, which is normally seen during the rainy season. Read more..

Satiate Your Hunger for Amazonian Cuisine with Juane

It is no secret that Peru is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. It is also one of the most interesting places in the world for foodies. Read more..

Discover the Writer in You at Tumbes

One of the little known towns of Peru is Tumbes. Tumbes is located on the banks of the Tumbes River. Read more..

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