One of the Family

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Jun 202011
One of the Family

One of the many reasons I chose Karikuy over other volunteer programs in Lima, was that it afforded me the opportunity to live like a real Limeno. I really loved the fact that I would be living in a local neighborhood that wasn’t known for being touristy, and in addition, I’d be dining on traditional food. So far, the program has definitely lived up to those expectations. Living in Julio’s childhood home and neighborhood has given me a good idea of what it would have been like to grow up here. [Continue reading…]

Planeta Life

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Jun 102011
Planeta Life

For the past two weeks we have made the neighbourhood of Planeta our home. It really is unlike any other I’ve lived in. It’s certainly different to my home city of Brighton, on the south coast of England. I feel like we’re getting the chance to see the real Peru, you know? [Continue reading…]

The Karikuy Volunteer Program

I think I really baffled the minds of my friends and family and I’m sure I almost sent my mother into a comatose state when I told them I was moving to Peru on a whim back in December not knowing exactly what is was that I would be doing here. To be honest I really didn’t have a clue. I was dead set on immersing myself into another culture, but when it came down to choosing the “where” part, I did what any well-rounded, mature person would do and turned to the most reasonable solution; I pulled out my globe, spun it around with my eyes closed and pointed to my future country of residence. [Continue reading…]

Third Time's (Maybe) a Charm for Lima

When I started planning the itinerary for The Global Citizen Project, my 12 country, 12 volunteer project over 12 months plan to give back, Peru was a priority. I toyed with volunteering in places I know, love and have seen need in, like Cusco and Puno, but decided that this was an opportunity to give Lima a fair shake – and not simply for an overnight stint. [Continue reading…]

Bienvenido a Perú! - An Introduction to Volunteering with Karikuy

Well hello everyone and welcome to my life for the next month!  So I know many of you are wondering “who is this guy?” and “whats he doing in Peru?” Well folks, I’m here to tell you. My name is Evan and I am working for the Karikuy organization to help promote tourism in Peru. My primary objectives for this month will be to research and update the Perupedia database based on my findings. [Continue reading…]

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