The Mystery of Capital among the Indigenous People of the Amazon

By EDWAR ENRIQUE ESCALANTE. After his remarkable work through The Mystery of Capital, where his main thesis was the weakness of the property rights as the main cause for people to be poor and excluded from capitalism benefits around the world. Hernando de Soto has produced a hard challenge for the collective society lovers one more time. With no doubt the ideas described by De Soto were a stab for the left that thought to see a genesis of socialism in the Andean and Amazonian communities as the key engine to create a socialist regime in Peru and Latin America. Why does capitalism triumph in the West and fails everywhere else? That was the question he tried to answer. The celebrated book by De Soto explained that poor people create [Continue reading…]

Peru Bloggers Targeted by Hackers

BY: JUAN ARELLANO – Disagreements between bloggers and their readers may often take place within the comments section, and can continue in the form of debate and discussion. However, for some Peruvian bloggers, some of their views motivated some to take actions to silence these differing opinions. The blogger Carlos Quiróz, also known as Peruanista [es] had his YouTube channel erased due to waves of complaints by a group who disagreed with him. In addition, Francisco Canaza of Apuntes Peruanos [es] was on the receiving end of a hacking attack that left his blog offline for days. Many are asking what did these bloggers do to deserve these types of attacks? Do their opinions on uncomfortable topics make them a target by those who disagree? Is that a valid reason [Continue reading…]

LIMA (AFP) — President Alan Garcia was preparing Saturday to name Javier Velasquez, a party loyalist and current head of the legislature, as Peru’s new prime minister. Velasquez will take over an office shaken by social conflicts and a bloody crisis in June over indigenous Indian land rights. Velasquez is set to be sworn at 8:00 pm (0100 GMT Sunday), replacing the embattled Yehude Simon, the office of the president said in a statement. “With Velasquez a new era begins,” Interior Minister Mercedes Cabanillas told RPP radio network. “He has political experience and is experienced in negotiations, as he has shown in Congress.” Velasquez, 49, has served in various roles as a member of Garcia’s ruling APRA party, but has never been a cabinet minister. A lawyer who has been [Continue reading…]

Thousands of riders were stranded in Lima early on June 30 at the beginning of a 24-hour national strike by Peruvian urban transportation workers and owners. The strikers were protesting new regulations that were to take effect on July 1 and a new rate for fines that starts on July 21. In the southern Lima neighborhood of Villa El Salvador, a group of strikers hurled rocks at buses not honoring the strike call; police agents responded by shooting in the air, according to Radio Programas del Perú (RPP). In the north of the city some strikers stoned buses and burned tires; others used rocks to block the Carretera Central, which links Lima to the center of the country. In Puno region, bordering Bolivia in the south, a group of strikers [Continue reading…]

PERUVIAN TIMES – Dialogue begins today in Lima between Ministry of Transport officials and the leaders of the association of mass urban transport companies, following the strike on Tuesday in Lima of approximately 260,000 private-sector bus and taxi drivers. The strike was held to protest a new transport law that sharply increases traffic fines. Only a few buses – charging double the normal fare – were seen on the city’s usually overcrowded streets, while the number of taxis available increased as the day proved quiet and calm in most areas. Police arrested 138 people in disturbances on the incoming highways from the north and south cones of the city. According to Radio Programas, RPP, 60,000 bus drivers and 200,000 taxi drivers answered the strike call in Lima. The new traffic [Continue reading…]

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