Don’t Forget to Visit These 3 Restaurants in Lima

If you are planning to visit Peru, you will certainly have to pass through Lima, even if your destination is someone in a remote part of the country. Lima is one of the most exciting cities in the world, and when you are here, it makes absolute sense to try out some of the best restaurants in town. The capital city is famous for its ritzy bars and restaurants in Miraflores and other neighborhoods. Read more..

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Where To Eat The Best Cebiche In Peru?

We all have a corner where we go to eat a delicious ceviche with spicy lime that makes us sweat. Now we can vote for it to be chosen the best Cebicheria in the country.

In a year where we’ll elect a new mayor and the presidential campaign begins, we will also choose the three best cebicherías in Peru. In this case there is no need to the polls, through the Internet you’ll be able to make your suggestions and vote. [Continue reading…]

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