England to Play Peru In a Friendly

Peru is one of those places where soccer is crazily popular. It is often easy to find groups of youngsters playing soccer at every other spot which points towards a trend that is common throughout Latin America. Read more..

Universitario Vs. Alianza Lima - El Super Classico 9/24/2011

Watch the epic rivalry as Universitario de Deportes takes on Alianza Lima in the latest installment of Peru’s most heated Futbol rivalry. [Watch…]

To Be or Not to Be A Lima Fútbol Hooligan

Last week I had the pleasure of attending my very first Peruvian fútbol (soccer) match. And oh what a match it was.

As it happens this year was the inaugural year of the sub-20 version of the Copa Libertadores. The Cup, which includes teams from across South America, has been going on annually since 1960, but for the first time a separate tournament was held for teams with players who were under 20 years old. As it turns out, two local teams were pitted against one another in the semi-finals; Julio’s favorite local team Club Universitario de Deportes (often simply called “Universitario” or “La U”) versus Alianza Lima. It seemed like all of Lima was taking sides, and it certainly promised to be an exciting match! [Continue reading…]

Universitario vs. Alianza Lima

Universitario and Alianza Lima face each other for another Superclassico in Lima, Peru. This time the Copa Libertadores Sub 20 title is on the line, the winner going on to face Boca Juniors in the Final. Watch the match live streaming, kick off time is 8:00pm Lima Time (9PM EST). [Watch Live…]


Watch Peru battle for the cup live on the Karikuy Blog, where will be streaming all Peru matches live. CONMEBOL South American U20 Championship Peru 2011. Stream will go live at approx 5:30pm EST we will always try to find you the clearest, reliable stream. Enjoy the match. [Watch…]

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