England to Play Peru In a Friendly

Peru is one of those places where soccer is crazily popular. It is often easy to find groups of youngsters playing soccer at every other spot which points towards a trend that is common throughout Latin America. Read more..

Volleyball as a Sport Thrives in Peru

Women’s volleyball is a popular sport in Peru and the World Championship is closely followed by the Peruvians. Cenaida Uribe is a household name in this country. Read more..

Rafael Nadal To Play In Peru In November

Tennis fans in Peru are unable to contain their excitement ever since they got to know that Rafael Nadal is visiting their country in November this year. The Spanish tennis player, winner of 12 Grand Slam is visiting Lima to play an exhibition match at the Jockey Club of Lima in Monterrico on 17th November. Read more..

Peru Makes a Perfect Destination for Bullfighters from Spain

It’s a well known fact that bullfighting or tauromachia has always been a pride of Spain but the current financial crisis has taken a toll on the game. In addition, the issue has been compounded by the rising ethical opposition to the bloody sports. Read more..

Peruvian Athlete Orlando Trejo to Represent Latin America in Miami

CrossFit, which is already famous for its endurance championships, will see Peruvian champ Orlando Trejo representing Latin America in Miami. Read more..

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