Karikuy Bed & Breakfast Renovations

Posted by Julio C. Tello. We’ve laid down some new flooring at the Bed & Breakfast and have begun putting the final touches on rooms that will be used to house our Volunteers this Winter in Lima. Today the construction phase ended and left a pretty big mess throughout the house. A mess that I will have to clean up by myself over the weekend.  Our volunteer Josh is traveling to Cusco and Machu Picchu over the weekend and won’t be around to help me clean up the massive amounts of saw dust lying around. This new construction at the house has opened up an extra room at the B&B which is great because I can now have 4 volunteers working at the same time. This can only help our [Continue reading…]

Posted by: Julio C. Tello To expand our network of information and media, Karikuy has just begun releasing the first of a series of small 35 second videoclips on YouTube.com. These small clips will introduce you to many locations throughout Peru that you may not even be aware of. As well as serving as a promotional aid, we sincerely hope that these clips will peak your interest into visiting Peru and all that the country has to offer. From beautiful landscapes to sports and entertainment, you can expect a variety of fast and to the point peices to indulge your curiouity. We hope you enjoy them and subscribe to our channel.

Jan 252009
The State of Karikuy

So how has to worldwide recession affected Karikuy, and what is being done to promote and grow the organization? To answer those questions I will first describe the situation Karikuy finds itself in at the moment. A year ago as the organization went public and saw its first couple of clients arrive in Peru, the economic landscape was much different then we see it today. There was talk of recession as financial institutions reported on their negative earnings, and for the most part people could sense what was about to happen but wasn’t of immediate concern to them. Today as news of the worsening situation is almost inescapable, Karikuy has seen it’s clientele cut almost in half. uncertain future? not really, I don’t believe in trying, only doing. Although many [Continue reading…]

volunteer in peru

Oct 102008
El Vuelo del Verano

I want to thank all the adventurers that made this summer so enjoyable. From the first group of the season to the last group, I had a blast. I have to say it really is rewarding to see fellow travelers really enjoy themselves on my tours and most of all to come away with an appreciation of my country. This winter I’m back in Peru ready to continue building Karikuy. I encourage you all to check out the updated catalog and check out the Backpacker. This new package includes domestic airfare inside Peru and all the hotels booked for you as well as the bus fare from city to city. This tour is for travelers who want to keep their days open ended and free to explore the locations they’re [Continue reading…]

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