Manuel Pardo

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Manuel Pardo
Manuel Pardo

In office
August 2 1872 – August 2 1876
Preceded by Mariano Herencia Zevallos
Succeeded by Mariano Ignacio Prado

Born August 9, 1834(1834-08-09)
Died November 16, 1878(1878-11-16) (aged 44)
Political party Civilista Party
Profession Economist

Manuel Pardo y Lavalle (August 9, 1834November 16, 1878) was a Peruvian politician and the first civilian President of Peru.

Born in Lima, Peru, he was the founder of the most important political party of the era (Civilista Party). He was elected president by the Peruvian Congress after a failed coup launched by colonel Tomás Gutierrez.

One of the most controversial acts that were committed during his presidency was the signing of a "Mutual Protection Pact" with Bolivia in 1873. The objective of this pact was to protect themselves from what they perceived as "Chilean Imperialism" and a growing desire of Chile for the allied provinces of Tarapaca and Litoral.

On November 16, 1878, Manuel Pardo was assassinated by gunshot.

His son, José Pardo y Barreda, also became President of Peru.


Preceded by
President of the Senate
1876 – 1878
Succeeded by
Preceded by
Mariano Herencia Zevallos
President of Peru
1872 – 1876
Succeeded by
Mariano Ignacio Prado
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