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2009 Program - 2010 Program - 2011 Program
Lima, Peru (Casa Karikuy)
$ 65.00 one week / $ 10 per adicionalday / $ 13 Transfer from Airport
Available 2013
January to March 2014
2 Week Minimum to 2 Months Max.
Internet Speedy(Wi-fi)
Utilidades, Cable, Wii
Duchas con Agua Caliente
Viajes con Descuento
Fines de Semana Gratis
Not Included
Vuelo Internacional
Tarifa Aérea Doméstica
Gastos de Viaje
Work Expected
Research (Perupedia | Volunteer Planet)
Blogging (Karikuy Blog)
Humanitarian Work (Kawsay)
Personal own laptop, camera photos
Experience of Scripture
Internet Savvy (Wordpress, Wiki)
Social / Team Player Skills
goal Oriented
Clean and Presentable
Program Description
Your goal while volunteering in Peru for Karikuy is to gather as much information about the Peruvian culture in order to give a new fresh content for Perupedia and our Blog. Helping to Grow our Volunteer Planet website will also be a priority. As a volunteer it will be your job to update these mediums with subjects that peak your interest whether food, dance, art, music, travel, sports, politics or history, you will have the flexibility to explore topics that engage you.. This volunteer program can truly be a young writers dream and a perfect opportunity for bloggers and social activists to polish their skills. Volunteers will also have the opportunity to work on our organizations Humanitarian programs such as our Kawsay and Karikuy-Haugen Fund.

During your time in Peru you will be lodged at Karikuy House. This home away from home is located in central Lima, 15 minutes away from the airport and 10 minutes away from the Plaza de Armas. The neighborhood is called Planeta, as traditional a neighborhood you can get in Lima, full of life and color, this neighborhood in Cercado de Lima was one of the first squatter settlements to be recognized by the government in the 1960's. Fifty years later this middle class neighborhood continues to enchant visitors from abroad who wish experience the real heart and soul of Lima. Festivals, concerts and parties are common throughout Planeta and surrounding neighborhoods.
Post Application
We receive many applications daily and it takes time to review them all. We will contact applicants within 3 to 4 business days after application is submitted. Please submit a detailed application as it will improve your chances of being accepted into our limited program. Currently we only have space to house five volunteers at a time at Karikuy House.
Karikuy Volunteer Program

Karikuy is looking for travellers who want to spend time in Peru working on our Perupedia database. Our volunteer program includes lodging for just $65 a week!. You will be expected to work Monday through Friday on the project and other Karikuy related material. On the weekends you are free to travel throughout Peru visiting locations such as Machu Picchu and the Nazca Lines. In addition to having the opportunity to live like a local, volunteers will receive help planning trips across Peru and be given special prices on services through Karikuy Tours. This is great opportunity for bloggers and journalists as well as the passionate traveler who wants to have an in depth look at the country they are visiting.
VOLUNTEERING IN PERU from the Director's Desk

Volunteer in Lima Peru.First off I want to thank you as a potential volunteer for taking the time to check out our volunteer program in Lima, Peru. As the director I want to give you some more insight as to what you can expect from the program and what a normal day working in Lima is like. Lima is an incredible city unlike any other, with plenty of great people to meet, incredible food to try and exciting places to visit. I believe here at Karikuy we are giving travelers the best opportunity to explore a culture from the inside with this volunteer experience. We look forward to reading all your applications and meeting some of you in Peru in the near future. Without further delay here's what you can expect from your first day or two living and working at the Karikuy House in Lima, Peru

You begin your journey by flying out to Peru where you land at Jorge Chavez International Airport. We'll be at the airport to greet you and help you change any currency. First stop is Karikuy House where you will meet your other volunteers and the place you will call home for your time with us. Volunteers are generally given your first day as a free day to settle in and meet your fellow volunteers, if it's early and you have they energy then we'll take you on a tour of the surrounding area. If it's a weekend we'll go out so you can experience Lima to see what you have gotten yourself joke really your going to have a lot of fun!

The typical schedule of a volunteer is as follows; the day begins at around 9am with breakfast. We always have our meals as a group as it's a great time to get to know the one another as well as to exchange ideas. We'll also discuss where we're at in the project, I will personally answer any questions you may have about research topics and Perupedia. As the director I'll go over when blogs are due and make sure there is a steady work flow.

After breakfast we will get in some exercise for the day by walking over to a nearby park and play a game of basketball or soccer. We believe that a healthy body is crucial to a healthy mind. Also being that Peruvian food is so good and portions so big it helps to get out of the house and let the body do its thing. Following our game we return to the house to freshen up and you can begin putting your material together to begin working on your research.

At around 1pm the volunteer head out for lunch, there are small restaurants eateries nearby serving meals that cost about $2 to $4. If you like to cook you can also prepare your own meals in the kitchen. After lunch we take some break time to let the food settle before we get into the long stretch of productivity. I find that a lot of volunteer like to stick around the house and do mostly book research, however it's up to you to decide how you want to gather information to upload to Perupedia. Perhaps you want to visit museums or interview people in your research field, the way you go about gathering your information is up to you. The majority of the work you will upload to Perupedia will be done from 2pm to 7pm for dinner. The work day normally doesn't go any later then 9pm although you are free to work longer if you wish, some volunteer are more productive in the evening. After work hours you have time to socialize with the other volunteers, play wii, surf the web, watch TV or movie (we have a huge collection), or go out and explore Lima.

It's also very important to us to hear about your experiences in Peru, for that reason we give you a full day, once a week, to write a blog about your time in the country. These blogs will be posted on our website at To keep the blog fresh we have each volunteer post on a different day. Blog posts can be about travelling in Peru, current events, food, music, anything really as long as it has to do with Peru.

Volunteers in LimaOn the weekends our volunteers have the opportunity to travel throughout Peru, I would recommend visiting Cusco and Machu Picchu. For longer planned trips I am more then glad to give you a 3 day weekend and even a 4 day weekend depending on the location and the circumstances. I will also honor Birthdays and other Holidays that may be personal or religious. Depending on where you wish to visit, know that you will receive discounts through Karikuy Tours Peru. All we ask is that while you are away you always carry a note pad with you to jot down information on locations, transportation, prices and news and write about your travels on our blog. All this gathered information is extremely valuable in order to help the Perupedia project grow as well as inform future travelers of useful information. When possible myself or our guides will accompany you on some tours, giving you even more expertise on certain locations and helping you with your information gathering.

I have described your work on Perupedia as information gathering, however at any time and depending on your qualities I could ask you to put a short video together, or to help with the layout of the Perupedia site and edit other sections, as well as helping on our humanitarian programs. Remember that the Perupedia project is very open ended and that there will be other volunteers working from their own homes uploading information into the site from around the world. One of your jobs will be to review these additions and check for errors or misinformation.

I hope I've given you a good picture of how volunteers can expect to spend their days during the program. I also want to add that parties and social events are very common so as to not make the program seem uneventful. Peruvians love to dance and have a good time and I am certain you will too.

Peru is a great place to volunteer especially a places as diverse as Lima. Although this isn't your more traditional Peruvian volunteer program, please understand that you are doing a great service to people around the world who wish to know more about Peru, its culture and people. This ultimate reference of Peru will have it's place on the Internet as the most thorough database on Peru and has the opportunity of becoming a focal point on attracting more attention to the social and political issues that affect the country. Depending on the success of this project (which is entirely up to the volunteers, I could never do it all myself) I will choose to open similar projects for other South American countries in the future. For now I invite you to come to Peru to get to know the country and have the opportunity to share your experiences with the world.

Julio Cesar Tello
Director, Karikuy Volunteer Program Peru


(specify dates)
Please note that this application is a preliminary assessment of your qualifications and skills. Upon submission we will contact you to schedule an interview via phone or Skype. Serious inquiries only please, if you have any questions e-mail:
Francis Sin Volunteer
Christina Baker Volunteer
Andre Crawford Volunteer
"I recommend Karikuy"
by Francis Sin on December 10th, 2010

The volunteer programme at Karikuy is one-of-a-kind in the flexibility it provides. One works according to his area of expertise or interest - anthropology in my case - and contributes to Perupedia with the help of his or her personal knowledge and experiences. Of course, said set of knowledge and experiences is greatly expanded by the truly immersive experience at Karikuy; one stays with a family in a Lima neighborhood no tourist gets to see, marches off on excursions to the farthest corners of the country, and makes use of Mr. Tello's travel expertise and contacts across Peru to make the most out of his stay. In my four weeks with Karikuy I have scaled the heights of Marcahuasi, danced with Virgen del Carmen celebrants in the Sacred Valley, cheered amidst football crowds from local club matches to the World Cup finals, and had much, much more food than I probably should have. In all, I recommend Karikuy to those looking for something beyond the run-of-the-mill straitjacket volunteer programme, but who prefer instead a programme flexible to one's interests, schedule and skills.
"The Karikuy experience - the ultimate gateway for all that is Peru"
by Christina Baker on September 25th, 2010

I had the unique experience of participating in the Karikuy Volunteer Program for a solid 4 months, during which it became apparent to me that this was not your average volunteer experience. The program offered me the unique opportunity to explore this beautiful country from a safe and welcoming home base filled with warm people, delicious food (which at some point became addictive) constant support from Julio and the other volunteers and of course genuinely good fun. The program has challenged me and what I thought I knew about myself, the world and the people in it. And now, having recently returned to Canada, I can definitely say that I've been motivated to continue my exploration of Peru in the near future. This would not have been possible without the Karikuy experience - the ultimate gateway for all that is Peru :)
"Why Volunteer?
I’ll Tell You Why"
by Andrew Crawford on January 16th, 2010

Waterfalls, mountains, canyons, volcanoes, religious locations, festivals, cities, tombs, mystical Machu Picchu, concerts, hiking trails, hamburger man…the list goes on. Not only are you able to see just about anything you want in the country, but you get you write about them for Karikuy. To me, the blogging was a type of journal for my adventure and the Perupedia was just researching my interests. And I’m pretty sure nobody knows more about the entire country of Peru more than Julio. On top of that, he has family nearby and across the country that welcomed us with open arms. For that month of volunteering, we were a part of the family. This experience was so great that it is almost depressing because I’m not sure anything will live up to this again! Seriously, person-to-person, volunteer! ☺
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